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The Lady Killers


The Coen brothers' latest flick is, for some reason, receiving negative, ambivalent or no notice from the press. I saw it this weekend and I totally enjoyed it. If you like The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Raising Arizona, there's no reason why you wouldn't like this, too. The colorful characters, cartoon-ish directing, and broadly painted bits are all here in fine form. The cast is very good, starring Tom Hanks.
I'd have to see the original first. I've seen the Coen brothers version, and really enjoyed it. I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan, but he was good in this movie.
But you can't beat the original with Alec Guiness ;)

I looked it up at amazon.com and I vaguely remember seeing this movie years and years ago. So long ago I was only vaguely aware of who Peter Sellers was. :eek:

It was pretty funny though, I remember that. I loved that kind of humor, particularly when I was in college. :devil:
The original is great, and if you see it and like it, check out The Lavender Hill Mob as well. Two classic Ealing Street comedies. I'd like to see the Coen Bros. version. Most anyone else remaking it, and I wouldn't bother with it.
Thanks. I added it to my Netflix list and put it up to item 2. I'll check it out this weekend or next week.

I also put in Man in the White Suit since I don't believe I've ever seen that film, either.
If you want another Alec Guiness classic, then try 'Kind Hearts and Coronets'. This is the one where AG plays six or seven different parts.
Hey, thanks for the tip, Elenopa. :) :cool:

I shall check it out. AG doing what I always associate with Peter Sellers: the multiple roll thing.

Have you ever seen "The 7 faces of Dr. Lao"? Tony Randall plays about 7 parts in it, too. And he's surprisingly convincing as Medusa, actually. :eek:
Have you ever seen "The 7 faces of Dr. Lao"? Tony Randall plays about 7 parts in it, too. And he's surprisingly convincing as Medusa, actually. :eek:

I love that film :D Haven't seen it for ages though.
Yes, Kind Hearts and Coronets is also great. I remember enjoying 7 Faces of Dr. Lao when I was a young teen, but haven't seen it in years either.
I look forward to seeing it soon. :) The Alex Guiness movie, I mean.

As far as The 7 Faces... it's a cute film. Definitely not the action/adventure of Star Wars or LOTR, but it's a cute film and I get a real kick out of a lot of the scenes.

Like a character who notices a certain snake looks very familiar to him... :LOL:
And the Pan sequence is quite interesting. Two different actors portray Pan, and I didn't even catch that the first time I saw it. :)
I must confess that I have not seen the original. I have great plans of watching it one day though.

I did go see the flick with Tom Hanks. I love the movies made by the Coen brothers and could not resist going to see their latest effort.

I must agree that the "normal" Tom Hanks fan would be a little disappointed. I was not. I did not go to the theater to see a Tom Hanks film. I went to see a Coen brothers film. I was not disappointed.

Hanks played the part of the professor beautifully. From his highly entertaining mode of speech to his outlandish costume, the professor was a great character. (Every time he appeared on screen in that white-caped outfit, I kept thinking of Mark Twain.)

Favorite line from the movie: "We must all have waffles forthwith!" (At least I believe that is the way it went.)


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