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The Joint Strike Fighter (STARFURY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A few weeks ago I saw a topic posted, appealing for the International Space Station to be renamed Babylon. Well how about this... whether or not Lockheed Martin or Boeing get the contract, why not name the JSF "Starfury".

What do you guys think... someone draw up a petition!

Even us Brits can try as we are getting a shedload of them for two new megha carriers being built in time for 2010.

There is another thing...

HMS Victory
HMS Excalibur

Anybody???? Actually that could be the kiss of death for one of them.

Ah well I suppose they could be White Star class Carriers.

No the new Royal Yacht should be called the White Star, and we could deceive the establishment into believing it was being named after an ancient luxurious liner manufacturer.... but then that could again be the kiss of death for the dhip.

"We Live for the One. We die for the One!"
I thought Nelson's HMS Victory, in drydock at Portsmouth if memory serves, was still technically a commissioned war ship of the Royal Navy. That would seem to rule out re-using the name. (I think the same rule applies to the U.S.S. Constitution in the U.S. Navy.)

I'm not sure about "White Star", either. R.M.S. Titanic was a ship of the White Star Line.
White Star had so much bad luck that it was later absorbed by arch-rival Cunard.

(Titanic's sister ship, Britannic was converted to a hospital ship for service in WWI before it was even completed. It also sank, in the Mediterranian in 1916, possibly as the result of an internal coal-dust explosion. The third of the sisters, and first built, Olympic, served into the 1930s until it was retired and scuttled. Still, I don't think I'd like the 1-in-3 odds were I a member of the Royal family.



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Like the Starbase thread I'm moving this to fandom, although I'm wondering if we need a new forum named Joe's History Lessons.

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