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The Joe Schmo Show

Does anyone else watch the Joe Schmo Show, the fake reality show in which there's only one real contestant with actors playing the host and the other eight contestants?

I have to admit, it's a pretty good show. They picked a perfect guy to be the one true contestant. He's such an average, friendly, easy-going, fair-minded, fun-loving guy.

I predict that the contestants are going to start liking him so much that they're going to start feeling guilty for fooling him. I also wouldn't be surprised if one or more of the girls gets a crush on him.

I know the show was probably meant to be a spoof of reality shows and/or one enormously elaborate practical joke. However, the "Joe" that they picked--and the way the others have come to respect him so much--really brings a lot of heart to the show. By putting it on the men's network Spike TV, I'm sure they meant it to be more of a comedy/satire/eye-candy show (the girls on the show are pretty attractive), but it's actually the emotional content that I find appealing & intriguing (and I'm a guy).

In fact, if they carry out the season finale (?series finale?) the way I think they might (and the way I hope they might), I wouldn't be surprised if it brings tears to my eyes. They've only aired four episodes so far, so maybe it's too soon to tell.

Either way, it's good TV. Who would have thought the best reality show would end up not really being real.