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The Greatest American Hero


I'm halfway through the first season of The Greatest American Hero on dvd and I have to say that it wasn't nearly as cheesy as I remembered it being. There was always something about this series that stuck in my brain which, I thought, was the theme song -- which, you have to admit, probably goes down as one of the top 10 tv theme songs of all time -- but now I think it was something much deeper.

My theory is that The Greatest American Hero was a metaphor for America during 80s, Ronald Reagan, Cold War era.

In the show, aliens grant common every-man Ralph Hinkley an all-powerful suit in order to save the world from destruction, but he looses the instruction booklet and, as a result, he stumbles and bumbles his way through episode after episode, barely competent and never really learning from his past mistakes. America, at the time, was also granted great power (some would also say from a higher power as well) yet it never really learns how to use its power, so it stumbles and bumbles its way across the globe, never really learning from its mistakes.

Of course, it's 2:00 o'clock in the morning right now and I'm drunk, so take my theory for what its worth.
Holy time warp batman, it is already out, I thought it was slated for March.

And only 21 dollars for the first season.......you can't beat that, you just can't beat that. Even I can afford it ..........

And now that I see it on Amazon, Holy follow up batman, season 2 is already being listed............that's Anchor Bay, baby. They are doing the job that one's like WB are blowing. I recommend Sledge Hammer for those who like a little excessive gunplay in their TV comedies.

As for Greatest American Hero, it had that something. I found the woman kind of annoying, but the comradre between the teacher turned reluctant super hero and his FBI agent friend/handler to be the highlight of the series.

I still have a bit of an episode stuck in my head where they played the song Eve of Destruction.....it really was workin in that one.
Scratch that excitment about the cost....the tech specs say that season 1 only contains 8 episodes, plus a two hour pilot. How can anyone put out a season set with only EIGHT episodes........20 buks is looking appropriate at best now, over priced at worst.....though I don't know that an appropriate price IS for only 10 hours of a TV series........?
I bought this the day it came out. When it was originally on I saw very few episodes. But like you said, it's not that cheesy. I think it was very well written and they tried to stay away from a "comic book" kind of story.

I bought mine for $19.99 and thought it was a fair price for the episodes and the 2 hour pilot. Also it has the pilot for "The Greatest American Heroine" which they tried to air in '86. I havent gotten around to watching that yet. And there are new interviews with the cast and the creator. I think its definately worth $20.
I also bought (and watched:)) on the first day of release. It was also $18, highly affordable. As I never saw the pilot it was especially satisfying. I've been waiting for this a long time! The Flash tv series is due out this spring, another great "superhero" series. Now, if they would only release the original "Green Hornet"!!!
Did anyone else notice occasional pixilization problems on GAH? I can hardly wait for season 2. To anyone unfamiliar with this show, watch it. You're in for a treat. BTW, it IS that corny!! but in a sly silly way. It also features a young Michael Pare, a definite plus.
We watched GAH at our house when it was out all those years ago, and it was cheesy, yes, but we liked it. ;)
I think during its original run I only watched about 10 episodes total. Yesterday I found out that this series ran for 3 seasons. I blame my dad for causing me to miss it. We had only one tv and when he was home, we watched what he wanted. So of course I missed shows like Buck Rogers, TGAH, V the series and so on...
I don't think you missed much with V the Series......the miniseries was by far .......more better........ ;)

Though......did they have the same actress do Julie in the series? I seem to recall an "enemy of my enemy is my friend", radio-telescope transmission episode.......that was kinda good.

And there is no equal to Buck Rogers........especially with an Energy Vampire Wilma Dearing episode.......... :D

And Hawk was cool too..........

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