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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Has anyone purchased the DVD yet? Just bought it at Hastings in Billings and got a surprise. Its in a cardboard holder with art work but its a DVD-R with "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" written in black felt pen. I guess Sony didn't made enough on the movie so they're cutting corners with the DVD.
Strange coincidence that a coworker of mine rented this movie from a Redbox today and made the same comment about the DVD. Guess that's how they released it.
I have the original Swedish trilogy. Haven't checked out the remake (will that also cover the story in three movies, or a lesser number?), to see how it compares. A very good revenge/justice story, and triumph of someone whose circumstances put her in a class of people totally disrgarded, disbelieved, and dismissed by most of society.

One little amusing thing I remember about the (I think) second of the three movies: in a chase scene, the pursuing driver stops at an intersection to wait for the light to allow him to turn right (and it looked safe to turn right on the red, as traffic through the intersection was fairly light). I was thinking, if this were an American movie, the driver would have totally blown off the red light and made the turn anyway, but I guess not in steadfastly law-abiding Sweden, lol.... Yeah, I get amused by some little things like that.

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