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The Ghosts of b5lr


Once, way back, I sent myself a virtual card from b5lr.com.
Well, about half a year ago and again today I got the card again, with the link for the card itself leading to emptiness. It's kinda creepy, anyone knows what's happening there? (It might just have to do something with my mailbox, I don't know).

Oh, and as I'm already "complaining" :p , why is the window to write your post in so small?
Oh, and as I'm already "complaining" :p , why is the window to write your post in so small?
You're using the default settings, I assume?

You can change the area size easily yourself: go to My Home, then choose Display Preferences, and somewhere towards the bottom there should be two fields (TextArea Columns and TextArea Rows). You can set the message writing area size to whatever you like (I have it as 80x15, for example, and find it large enough for most of my posting needs). :D
The system has gone, and we're not on the same server. So it can't be anything our end. But that is very strange.
Well then! Thank you for having said this Kribu. I had no idea the size of the box one types a reply into could be changed. This is quite a lot easier to see my post in as I type it now!

When I upgrade the system later in March, you won't even need to use the reply page. :D
I think that'll be when Markas' avatar finally gets restored. :rolleyes:

Unless Ant is jealous of the one good Centauri Emperor. :p
Oh...the dear old emperor is around...somewhere. I'm just enjoying Susan and Lorien at this point. :D
Yes, I can update my title, but Antony enjoys it so much that I usually leave it to him, unless Kribu is feeling....frisky. ;)

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