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"The Gathering" Minbari Ears


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\"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

It is fairly astonishing the difference between what Delenn looks like in "The Gathering" and what she looks like in the first season of Babylon 5.

Is there anyone else that likes the ears and the headbone of Delenn in "The Gathering" better? I always thought the Minbari ears in the actual show of B5 looked too much like a prosthetic and glued on instead of like real ears. Delenn's ears in "The Gathering" actually look like they have an ear canal leading into the head.

I might be the only one that prefered "The Gathering" Minbari ears, but I thought I'd ask and see what other fans of the show think.
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

I, too, thought the Minbari prosthetics in The Gathering were more realistic. They made Delenn look very alien, almost insect-like. By the time S1 rolled around, Delenn had a softer, more human, more feminine look. Obviously, there was the question of her impending change to deal with, so the prosthetics had to evolve to fit the rigors of a weekly filming schedule.
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

Indeed. In "The Gathering" Delenn looked more alien than in the series.. In my opinion she looked a bit scary, in positive sense. And the way she carries Garibaldi after he's been shot, it gave that kind of feeling that "Oh.. if female are so strong in Minbari.. hmmh... no doubt then, why humans lost the war..".
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

Delenn in the pilot was still the same as Delenn's character was planned: to be an androdynous male, not female. It wasn't going to be until after Delenn came out of the Chrysalis that the character would be female. That changed between the production of "The Gathering" and the first season because JMS and the gang liked the feminine qualities that Mira brought to the part in the first place and decided to just go ahead and make the character female even before the Chrysalis event.
Re: \'The Gathering\' Minbari Ears

Hi."The Gathering" Delenn did look a bit scary!The rings idea,should have been carried on tho the series.Colin.<*>.
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

Somewhere many years ago I remember reading an article that asked Mira Furlan what she thought of her makeup in "The Gathering" the first time she saw it.

Her reply was "I asked if anybody had a gun."
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

To quote from Jane Killick's episode guide for season one:

For Mira Furlan, who plays Delenn, the experience was not a pleasant one. "I remember my pain and frustration and unhappiness at being covered with all the makeup. I thought, 'This is the end.' They wanted to change my voice, and they wanted me to put lenses into my eyes. They really brought me to the stage where I was saying, 'Is this what they need me for? Neither my face is good enough nor my voice? Not even my eyes?'"
Mira had recently escaped civil war in the former Yugoslavia and left behind a successful career in films and on the stage. When she first joined Babylon 5, she was still trying to adjust to life in the United States. "I kind of was in some strange accord with my life at that time," she reflects. "My whole world was disrupted and in that way my whole persona, my private persona with the language, with the context, the country -- everything that I knew was completely destroyed, and so was my acting personality. I was not who I was before. I had to, as they say, 'reinvent myself.' But on the other hand, I was very happy to find my work again and to find my profession again... I definitely learned a lot through it, but it was painful."
Re: \"The Gathering\" Minbari Ears

omg yes. the makeup in the gathering was HORRIBLE.

im so glad that mira decided to stay with the series even with the bad pilot makeup. *whew*

ok, so delenn did look more alien in the pilot, but she looked so much better later on... ;)

edit: i went back and watched ItB and tG. i felt it was horrible because i was comparing delenn from tG to delenn from ItB and so delenn from tG sucked.

but if you just look at delenn from tG it's not that bad and the minbari makeup is consistent. but it also makes delenn look old and wrinkled. delenn's movements were also a bit awkward.