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The Gathering - Making Of/BTS Special


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Around the time that "The Gathering" first aired, SciFi Channel aired a Behind-The-Scenes special that spotlighted the make-up and the actors. It was hosted by the Make-Up Supervisor for the pilot, Rob Sherwood, along with an animatonic alien. I used to have a VHS copy of the special, but it seems to have become lost over the years. I have two reasons for wanting to get a copy of this special (AND to have it included with one of the DVD releases!!!!!) - 1) it's a great special, with a lot of clips not shown elsewhere, and 2) Rob is an old friend of mine =)

Does anyone have any additional info on this special?

Thanks much!! =)

--- Dragon
Sounds fantastic. It would be great if we could get it on a future release of The Gathering. Although SciFi's been pretty bitchy lately so you never know. :rolleyes:


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