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the fate of Delenn... (possible spoilers)



does anyone know what happened to Delenn? i thought i remember hearing somewhere that after sheridan died she went on a quest searching for Valen. is this what is to be covered in the upcoming graphic novel with sheridan and sinclair?

Does anyone know?

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I don't know when her quest for Valen took place.

I vaguely recall JMS mentioning "Delenn's last quest", but she had many quests in her life. So it could have been before her passing, long after losing Sheridan. Delenn lived at least until 2362 -- which was the date of her last appearance in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars".

But there are other options. As for details, well, they are unknown -- and will probably remain so. Mystery is essential for such a story. Kosh would say that "an open end makes a good beginning". The associates would say that "the end is what you want to imagine".

JMS knows the principles of good storytelling and will not reveal too much, neither about Valen nor about anyone else. There must be room for imagination.

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Well, this is the only thing I know of that JMS posted about it:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>

Garibaldi's death (a much quieter passing than he would have imagined waiting for him),
Franklin's final fate on a distant, unexplored planet,
Delenn's final journey (a quest involving Valen, though no one else around her believes it),
Lennier's sacrifice...
it's all mapped out, on the theory that whether or not it ever gets used, *I* had to know it.

(Incidentally... in a coming issue of the B5 magazine, there is a canonical timeline that covers the history of the B5 universe from the Big Bang to a million years in the future... and it's really nifty to see the whole thing laid out like that, to realize that, sonuvagun, it really does work. I commend it to everyone in the highest possible terms.)


I know that last part is going to send a few people into a frenzy searching for a copy of the magazine.
Aren't I Evil for posting it?

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I think that's an old quote, so I'm guessing the coming issue has already come and gone.

Does anyone know where to find that timeline? Is it online somewhere, or is there some place still selling back issues of that magazine? I'd really like to see that timeline.

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I think that the issue in question was on sale a couple of years ago (B5 mag stopped a couple of months after Crusade finished its run I think - I'd stopped buying it by then so I wouldn't know for sure).

I'm not sure whether or not this is the same as the one that appeared in the mag.


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I'm fortunate to have all those moagazines, including the final edition which brought the timeline right up to date to the end fo Crusade, put the episodes into an order that was a little less chaotic, and even made some corrections to the earlier editions. It's what I use as a bible for the order of events and dates on which things happen.

Of course it doesn't include the events of the Centauri or Technomage trilogies, which we published later. From what I recall the web site posted above is pretty consistent with the magazine, and has added the trilogies too, so it's probably the best on line guide available.


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