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The Fall of Night vs. The Abyss


OK so everyone knows that scene in "The Fall of Night" when Kosh floats down with Sheridan, saving him from falling to his death right? I just watched "The Abyss" again tonight (Ive seen it a bunch of times) and this time watching it, it totally struck me that the Sheridan / Kosh scene looks a LOT like the scene when Ed Harris (Virgil "Bud" Brigman) gets carried away by the NTI after he disarms the nuke. Not just a little, but a LOT like it, even the shape of Kosh himself.

Anyone else ever notice that and think the same thing?
I remember the character in The Abyss falling into very deep waters and hitting the sea bed. He then meets the alien.

Kinda reminded me of Sheridan falling at Z'ha'Dum...then meeting Lorien.
good call, there is a lot of similarity to it...side note, Abyss is a perfect example of when studios have to much power over editing a movie. I saw the original in theaters, and the end made absolutely ZERO sense, then saw the director's cut, and it was awesome. i can just imagine if Shakespeare had worked for a studio how his plays would have been butchered.

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