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The Fall of Centauri Prime

It's embarrassing to admit, but no matter how many times I see this episode, it creates a very serious emotional reaction within me. I know what's coming, I know it's only a TV show, yet...

Of course, there's a hundred or so previous episodes that take us to this point; and we can't forget that -- but this is about as powerful as television gets...

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I quite agree. It's quite possibly - at least to me - the most emotional episode of the whole series. A real tearjerker, way more so than SiL, for example (which kind of moved me the first time, mainly because of the station blowing up, but left me cold the next time).

The Fall of Centauri Prime is the only one that makes me cry every time. It's just so... sad.
Drama and tragedy at its best.

The only other episode that can compete with TFoCP in making me react so emotionally is The Long, Twilight Struggle. Only I can't cry with that one, it's more shocking in a way, making me react with anger instead of sadness.

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How can this episode not create a serious emotional reaction?

It's the culmination of Londo's whole existence-we've watched him make all sorts of choices throughout the series. Choices motivated by many things.

We've seen him come to understand what his choices have done not only to him, but to everyone around him, his world and the galaxy.

Finally, we see him do his best to atone for these choices. He takes responsibility, tries to make things right or at least better and he even grows in character (very often in spite of himself).

To have it all 'end' with "The Fall of Centauri Prime" is heart breaking indeed.

(oh, geeze-now I'm getting emotional)

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Everytime I watch Season 5 I'm always hoping in the back of my head, irrational as it may be, this time I know Londo's just gonna squash that keeper with his foot. But it never happens. Oh well, maybe next time!

It was an excellent episode, Londo realises the consequences of betraying the shadows or more to the point getting involved with them in the first place and the responsibilty he has now, the Narns get revenge by finally bombing C Prime itself. I was left with couldn't Sheriden do more to prevent the Narn and Drazi with the infomation he had...

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The final episodes are very emotional. The events are sad enough, then they throw in that sad music!

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Basically, the last episodes, from All My Dreams Torn Asunder to Sleeping in Light are some of the best television I've ever seen, in any genre.

Wrecks me every time,


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Am I really the only one who feels that there were not enough centari ships getting blown up in the series. My only thoughts regauding them in that episode is its about time.

I have to concure. It is emotional, and i dont see how anyone who's seen the series up to this point, cant be touched by it. In retorspec Londo only did thoughout the whole series what he thought was right for his people, he wanted his people to be great, as anyone would, the shadows took advantage of it, and in turn gave him the worst punishment imaginable. What was it that Londo said, something like he had three wives, but loved none of them like he did Centauri Prime. That episode is in my opinion Babylon-5 at it's best, I also like the final epidode as well.

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That is not an episode, but a sceen from "In the Beginning", the movie. I agree totally agree with an earlier post, "The Long, Twilight Struggle" is my favorite episode of B5. I hate to watch "SiL" I have only seen it once and don't want to ever see it again. I always want a conclussion, but not in the case of B5. Seeing the station blow up was just too much for me, I prefer to pretend that never happened and that the story was left as a clif-hanger, or that an episode like "Deconstruction of Falling Stars" be the final episode.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Very stirring to watch, and definately the best of the 5th season. Amazing all the feelings you develop for Londo over the 5 seasons. From laughing at/with him season 1, to disliking his choices and actions season 2, to hating him at times in season 3, feeling some pride for him season 4 for undoing past mistakes and trying to make peace, proud of him season 5, then at the last, feeling very sorry for him.

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I too think this is an emotional and powerful episode *nods*. "Sleeping in Light" is however the most emotional episode of the lot for me .. seeing Delenn take farewell with Sheridan just breaks my heart every time I watch it ( which is not that often anymore since I just can`t bear it *g* )