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The Excalibur Conspiracy... (spoilers)



i seem to remember that in one of the unfilmed scripts for Crusade the crew of the Excalibur was going to find a cratered planet with a blast signture identicle to the Excaliburs main gun. can anyone shed some light on this? is there another victory class ship out there somewhere?
None of the 3 unfilmed scripts that made it into circulation had this in it. He hybrid ship had SIMILAR features to it, and I think there was a reference in it compairing it to Excaliburs main gun, but clearly it was a different ship.
In 'To the Ends of the Earth' Gideon and Matheson inspect a blast crater that has the same signature blast as the Excalibur. Quite how this signature is determined is unknown (seeing as the series ended before the episode was filmed, so we don't get a further explanation). We don't know that this was done by the hybrid ship, and also don't know that it was a different ship design to the Excalibur - perhaps Earth is experimenting with Shadow technolgy in a similar configuration to the Excalibur?
The Vorlons have been long gone by then. It was either someone using adapted Vorlon Technology, or someone using adapted Shadow Technology. More than likely, it was the latter, and it was probably that secret branch of Earth Force.
In one of the unmade episodes Excalibur chases after the other spaceship.

Once the super gun on the Excalibur has been made and fitted to one ship, making a second and fitting to a second ship is not hard.
This is definately an episode I would have wanted to see.

BTW: Another Vorlon weapon has already been fitted onboard a second ship, it was called the Victory and it was destroyed when it rammed that Shadow Planetkiller in ACTA /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

Its possible that someone else got ahold of the tech, but I bet that the Minbari/ISA want to keep a very close lid on it as possible.
I think it is anotehr ship like the excalibir or victory....It is possible that while the victory and Excalibur where being made anotehr couple were being made at anotehr location.

I actually thought it was fact there was at least one otehr earth/vorlon hybrid ship cruisin around..guess i dream't it heh
I think that Zathras was involved, hey don't write it off, B5 did the whole time travel thing and perhaps this is one of those juicy little tidbits that JMS drops in the beginning and only gets wrapped up later on? B4 appeared in series one.
So unless they continue with the series, its going to be oure speculation
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Tigara:
<font color=yellow>Or maybe that Martian weasel guy from CtA leaked some info to the Drakh. </font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

Samuel Drake. I doubt he would have leaked this info to Earthforce. As a Marsie, he had a grudge against Earth.

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