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The Epsilon System


Beyond the rim
The REAL location of Epsilon 3 is revealed in the following:

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Sub: Nods, In-Jokes, and References

Post any nods, in-jokes, or references you have seen here.
For example: Babylon 5 refers to the Babylon of ancient Earth; the location of B5 is at Grid Epsilon 470/18/22, the location of the original B5 topic on GEnie.

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Two most frequently used terms: Babylonians and the Grid Epsilon Irregulars, for the station's location.


Date: 04/03/1992 12:55 AM
Forum: Genie

And thanks as well to those here, who Quixotically volunteered to go forth and attack dragons in service of a place they had never even seen, which is, I suppose, the higest calling one can aspire to, to fight not for acquaintances, or the familiar, but for an *idea*.

So once again, my utmost appreciation. That the goal was achieved without the necessity of firing a shot does not in any way diminish the thanks due the volunteers in this extraordinary company. When next we assemble, I hope, it will be in the cause of celebration.

And today I have amended the B5 bible to include the following notation: "The Babylon 5 station is located in neutral territory, in grid epsilon, at coordinates 470/22/18."



The Fans on GEnie Online Services who were part of JMS discussion of Babylon 5 back when it was still referred to as "That Which Cannot Be Named" referred to themselves as The Grid Epsilon Irregulars.
Grid Epsilon was the original location of GEnie's Science Fiction Roundtable.
It was Category 470, Forum 22, Topic 18

JMS named the location of B5, Epsilon 3, in honor of this group.

Do not ascribe your own motivations to others:
At best, it will break your heart.
At worst, it will get you dead."
In an attempt to end the Earth -Minbari War, Sheridan met with Lenonn in an abandoned Earth Alliance listening post in sector 919.
Londo later mentiones that it was a world in the Epsilon System.
This was apparently the same system as Epsilon 3.
A few minor points, though. It seems strange that B5 would be located in a sector with such a high number, as sector 900 was still being explored as late as 2257. Sectors with numbers in the high hundreds are usually located on the Rim. Whereas Epsilon is located between the major governments.
A minor note would be that the nebula visable from the listening post planet was a different color than the one near Epsilon 3.
But that's just nitpicking.

That's one thing that I really love about JMS: he does little things for his fans in his works. Another thing that I believe was named for some of the people on the same Genie list was the Lurkers of DownBelow. Lurkers being people who frequent lists, boards, etc, but only read, and almost never post.

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Also, the element, Quantium 40, that is necessary for the jumpgates to work.

The name was chosen from suggestions submitted in a small online Contest JMS ran. The winner got a T-Shirt from JMS, I believe.

Do not ascribe your own motivations to others:
At best, it will break your heart.
At worst, it will get you dead."

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