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The entire story of B5...so far



I have attempted to explain the story of Babylon 5 because it is simply so good. I even find it better than lord of the rings. WOW.
Anyway- tell me what you think-

The Minbari were a peaceful and enlightened race whom had many spiritual leaders. They were also very advanced, with artificial gravity, extremely powerful ships etc. They had survived the last Great War against a race of ancient beings who believe in destruction and chaos known as the shadows. But the shadows were only defeated 1000 years ago, not destroyed. The Minbari Masters had prophesised their return and soon they will return to a planet called Z’ha’dum and begin planting their ships throughout space poisoning the universe with ‘chaos and war’. Basically they will soon return.
The Minbari had contacts with another race of ancient and powerful beings called Vorlons. The Vorlons believe in order. Minbari master- Dukat was told by the Vorlons to seek a race known as Humans and work with them to defeat the shadows, when they return. Since the Minbari needed every race allianced with them they could, the humans were to meet with the Minbari in an area of space.
One day when the group of Minbari known as the warrior caste was approached by Gunships from Earth, the humans misinterpreted the Minbari’s intent and everything went horribly wrong. It was the tradition of the warrior caste of Minbari to greet newcomers with open gun ports (like open arms, but not firing), however the humans took this as a threat and fired on the Minbari ships.
To the Minbari, the humans struck without provocation. In the battle, the spiritual leader, and Delenns Master, Dukat was killed.

Delenn lost all her senses in a blind rage and ordered the Minbari to follow the brutal human animals to the base and kill all of them and show NO MERCY! This led to the Minbari war, which claimed many human lives and nearly resulted in the entire extermination of mankind, but at the last moment of the war, the Minbari surrendered when they had almost won.
During the ‘battle of the line’, moments before they surrendered, they had taken a human on board a Minbari ship to be tortured, and found that this human carries the soul of Valen - The greatest Minbari Master of all time. Valen, many centuries ago built everything they have and formed the Grey council. The Minbari took this as a sign, an omen to stop the war.
The Babylon project was commissioned after the Minbari War was over, as a final refuge for peace between interplanetary species. Where ambassadors from many races could work together in harmony etc.
Babylon 1 was built … but all good things take time. It blew up, followed by 2, followed by 3 and 4 mysteriously disappeared (into the depths of time) so the fifth and final Babylon station was built, and was called “the last best hope for peace” because there would never be another.

The Minbari weren’t the only ones to have records of the shadows from the last Great War. The Narns were invaded by shadows 1000 years ago, and G’Quan, the Narns greatest spiritual leader written about them in his book which G’Kar (Narn Ambassador on B5) followed with his life. He knew the darkness would return sometime.
At the end of 2258, the Centauri (who were always at war with Narns) attacked a Narn base and wiped out thousands of Narns. Everyone wondered how the Centauri did it and said “they couldn’t have done it without outside help”. G’Kar travelled to the Rim of known space having a ‘hunch’ he knew what was happening.
He returned from ‘the Rim’ in 2259 and warned everybody that the darkness has come again. But everyone chose to ignore him. (Even Delenn who was undergoing her transformation from Minbari to Half-Minbari, Half-Human hybrid, as a sign that the two races can stand beside each other and be at peace, chose to ignore him.
One day in 2258, a man called Mr Morden came to Babylon 5 during a massive raider attack on the station, he asked everybody ‘what do you want?’ The Centauri ambassador Londo said “I want to see the Centauri commanding the stars, I want us to be what we used to be”. Morden did a favour for Londo, and returned to him a great Centauri treasure called ‘the Eye’. Morden was cautious to avoid the Vorlon ambassador, Kosh on his way out.
Morden also visited Delenn and she saw that he was a sign the shadows had returned. So she sent a message to Kosh - “Have the shadows returned to Zha’d’um?” Kosh answered “Yes”. The shadows had finally returned. The command staff were totally unaware of any of this happening. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair was shown, by a Centauri seer woman, a vision of Babylon 5 being destroyed. “It is a possible future”
In 2259, the diplomat human Commander of Babylon 5, Jeffrey Sinclair was recalled to the Minbari homeworld without reason and in his place Captain John Sheriden was assigned to head the station.
During the Minbari War, John was told it was impossible to destroy the Minbari flagship, the blackstar, but he did it! The reason he was sent to take over B5 was because of a renegade Minbari ship.
All throughout 2259 the Centauri somehow managed to destroy entire fleets of Narn ships and the Narn ambassador G’Kar, was disbanded by Centauri Ambassador Londo, who had been touched by shadows and greed, and became a monster. Londo was working with Mr Morden and Lord Refa and using the shadows to destroy the Narn. In the last moments of the Narn/Centauri war, Londo bombarded the Narn homeworld back to the Stone Age.
Before the fall of Narn, though, John Sheriden found out about the shadows, about Morden, about everything.
A long time before this, his wife and 39 others were missing presumed dead on the research ship- Icarus, after it was sent to explore the ruins of an ancient civilisation out on the rim (Z’ha’dum). When John was looking through the list of people who were on the Icarus, chief Garibaldi recognised one of the people and said that he had seen him, he’s alive. It was Mr Morden! John located Morden and held him in a holding cell. The Centauri requested his immediate release and so on…He was moved to a different cell, and the telepath, Talia scanned him, and screamed and changed into an Empath, a trigger that was implanted by the Psi Corps had been pushed and she was never the same again. The old Talia was gone. Just what did she see?
Then later on Delenn and Kosh told Sheriden to release Morden. Delenn explained about the first ones-
Billions of years ago, there were beings in the universe that walked among the stars like giants, vast, timeless. They taught the younger races, created great empires, explored beyond the rim, an army of light that was invincible. Then just as suddenly, the first ones went away to whatever lies in the darkness between galaxies. Two of the first ones stayed behind however, as Shepherds for the younger races. They were the Vorlons and the shadows.
The Vorlons believe in peace and order and manipulate people by posing as each races religious icons. For centuries the Vorlons have been programming people so when they showed themselves out of their encounter suits, we would react the way they want us to. (A being of light, we think it’s an angel, it is infact a vorlon.)
The shadows believe in promoting growth and evolution through conflict and suffering and war. So the shadows start wars by making races fight with other races and kill entire races, while the Vorlons bottle up what the shadows would consider ‘our potential’.
So the shadows and vorlons stayed behind to teach us their individual ideologies, be them right or wrong to us.
That is why Kosh is in an encounter suit, If he left he would be recognised by everyone.
The Icarus was Johns wives ship, sent to explore Zhadum, and it never came back. They landed and awoke something dark, the shadows. Once awakened, the shadows could not allow anyone to leave, those who would not serve were killed. Morden chose to serve.
Sheriden says “My wife could still be alive”
The shadows do not know how much we know about them, If Sheriden pushes Morden he will eventually tell him what happened and then Morden will be killed by the shadows and they will move, before we are ready to stop them and Babylon 5 will be destroyed. Morden is never alone. Aside from the vorlons, we do not have the first ones to help us this time, we are on our own, when they strike, we will have one chance to stop them” and that’s when the rangers come in. We will be ready to defeat them once the rangers finish construction on the Whitestar fleet. Kosh warned Sheriden “If you go to Zhadum you will die”
That is why Delenn and Kosh chose to ignore G’Kar, when he came back from the rim saying, “the darkness has returned”.
In 2260, Kosh sent G’Kar a vision which said, “some must be sacrificed for all to be saved”. At first he took that as revelation for the future. Then when Delenn told G’Kar that she chose to ignore him when he came back, he realised that it was about what had passed. ‘Some must be sacrificed for all to be saved’. Delenn chose to (metaphorically) ‘sacrifice’ G’Kar and anyone else who was going to reveal the shadows return, so that the shadows thought we weren’t aware of their return. If they knew we were aware, they would kill us. And all wouldn’t be saved. All would be gone. So, some had to be sacrificed. The ones who died in the Narn/Centauri conflict didn’t have to die. If Delenn and Kosh told everyone about the shadows, the Centauri would no longer attack the Narn and the Narn would be saved for a bit. However the shadows would be aware of this and kill everyone. So Delenn and Kosh had to choose between the death of millions and the death of billions. G’Kar becomes wise after this.

OK. Its all I've done so far, but it is complicated enough as it is. How the hell do I explain about the Babylon 4 thing, about ... OOOOOH...

-some must be sacrificed for all to be saved-

I was going to comment on the fact you should have probably used spoiler boxes for some of that, but then I realied that if someone is dumb enough to go into a topic called 'the entire story of B5 so far' and not want to know stuff about the show...thats their problem

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...so, in doing a similiar referential timeline to your summation and baby5........ no Zathrus......no time machine.....no omnipotent network?....in fact, no superior races?...no donald duck?...


This should count as 10 posts.

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The entire story of Babylon 5, by the mighty GKarsEye:

People push buttons- bad guys go boom.

The End.

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Not bad. Not perfect either in a few minor details but essentially, I give it a 85% accuracy.

May the light of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha protect you.

May you all be well and happy, free from suffering, free from sickness.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> The entire story of Babylon 5, by the mighty GKarsEye:

People push buttons- bad guys go boom.


Not quite. The Minbari don't use Buttons.
They wave a hand over a bunch of Crystals -
Bad Guys Go BOOM!


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I once tried to make a little summary for one website, but gave up for good.
One hundred and ten episodes plus several books are simply too much. Even the Lurker's Guide lacks material.

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Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Not bad. Not perfect either in a few minor details but essentially, I give it a 85% accuracy. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well...gee...thanks for that compliment I guess.
I realise I missed out the great machine on Epsilon 3, and the not so great machine on B5 that saves Garibaldi by draining Sheridens life energy...

But I didnt want to explain each little arc in a mixed up way like the show is constructed in...I wanted to explain about one part and then the next part which may be in a series ahead of that. When you do that, you have to keep going baaaack to series 2 or 1 to explain the beginning of another arc, and there is about 5000 of them.

If I came to explain about the great machine, it would be before the episodes war without end p1 and p2. But after series 2 in my explanations. Hmmmmm...should I quit while I'm ahead?

-some must be sacrificed for all to be saved-
It's worth mentioning that there is a Shadow War every 1,000 years. Apparently, the last great Shadow War was 10,000 years ago.

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Ah, the years pass by so fast...

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I don't believe it was stated anywhere that the Shjadow wars happened every 1000 years.

The cycle seemed to be 10,000 years, but that the Shadows, for whatever reason, were not accepting the defeat 1000 years ago.
They had just waited while rebuilding and also so that the younger races would Forget.

The implication was that the wars had become increasingly more violent than originally planned as the two sides started getting too much Ego involved.

Enough so that, during the Previous 10,000 year war, not just the Vorlons, but all the Other first ones had helped smack down the Shadows.

After that, though, the other first ones got tired of the whole childish squabble between the Vorlons & Shadows and said "next time, don't bother us."

Do not ascribe your own motivations to others:
At best, it will break your heart.
At worst, it will get you dead."
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> the other first ones got tired of the whole childish squabble between the Vorlons & Shadows and said "next time, don't bother us." <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm sure they did

-some must be sacrificed for all to be saved-
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