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The End is Nigh!

for the World of Darkness!

For any who don't know, for the past 13 years, a company called White Wolf has produced a series of RPG's set in the World of Darkness, a world similar to ours but darker and inhabited by all series of supernatural creatures; vampire, werewolves and others. In addition to games, White Wolf produced a number of well written novels set in the World of Darkness, so it was not just game geeks that were
looking at this stuff.

In all the games, part of the backstory was an imminent Armageddon. White Wolf is pulling the trigger on this, in the interest of artistic integrity. The World of Darkness ends on April 30th, with a new World to emerge later this summer.

Has anyone played/read any of the World of Darkness books? If you have, any thoughts on the company's decision to end the world?