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The Dresden Files


:D This show is sooooo good...trust me, you have to watch it! I love the books, and for me it's really hard for a movie or television show to top the book(s) that inspired it, but I think they're doing a really good job bringing these characters to life. If you haven't seen it, you really should give it a try! I think you'd love Harry... and Bob, :D and all the cool, creepy "things" they run into!

I don't start many threads, and honestly I'm surprised someone hasn't started one on this before now... but it's just too good not to talk about it.

:eek: :) So...what do you guys think? Has anyone else been watching it?
I tried watching the first few eps and it seemed like another version of Charmed (with only stand-alone episodes.) You're saying to stick with it a little more? :)
So far, so good. Remains to be seen how it goes as series over the long haul, though.

They're building a kinda interesting collection of recurring characters ...... well, what could turn out to be that, at any rate. I think the only non-regular who has actually shown up more than once so far is Bianca the vampire. (Or have they shown the same Wizard Internal Affairs equivalent a couple times? Not Morgan, him I consider a regular, above him.) But it's early enough in the run of the show that not having them come back yet doesn't mean that everything and everyone is going to just disappear as a one-off.

And they've been dropping some references to backstory (and partially sketching in some bits of it) that hasn't been entirely filled in for the audience yet (at least not when I've watched; I think I've missed one or two though).

It was nice seeing Claudia Black do a turn as a P.I.'s assistant turned P.I. (when her boss is killed) in the last episode.

Like a lot of shows, I think it helps a lot if their sense of humor appeals to you. (We're back to Cartagia's one truly rational quote: "Humor is so subjective".)

I haven't seen enough of Charmed to comment on the comparison.
Sci-Fi had to F*** with the order of the eps... I don't know what exactly they switched around but you can tell.

Great show, the eps keep gettin better & better.
Hmm, I guess we should stick with it a bit longer. It's on the TiVo but it's the absolute last thing we watch when there is nothing else on. It just hasn't grabbed our attention yet.
I plan to catch it on DVD.

Looks like it might be interesting, in a ~Special Unit 2~Kolchak~ sort of way (standalone episodes & supernatural villains). I'm tempted to buy it, rather than rent it on Netflix, since it's only 12 episodes. Looks like a UK-style short season (as opposed to a standard US 22-26 episode season).

Currently it's listed as "completed airing its current season, on hiatus or fate to be determined" on
Ahh... well I guess I missed the last ep. I've been changin the channel to Sci-Fi the last two weekends but all I get is a movie. Looks like I'm waiting for DVD now & if they do cancel it I'm gonna be pissed.

Also if they keep Painkiller Jane and cancel any one of the shows I watch I'm gonna take it personally... not gonna say what I'll do.
of course....it was a good show

therefore it had to go.

Well, that's more true of FOX network than The Sci-Fi Channel.

I bought The Dresden Files DVD set a few days ago, but haven't watched it yet, because I'm on a SG-1 Season 10 streak, and have two episodes of that one left to watch. Are the Dresden Files episodes in the correct order on the DVD set, or did they follow the airing order (like WHV did with Crusade)? Is the correct airing order shown anywhere? I'm new to this show.
I haven't read any of the Dresden Files books yet. That said, I found this to be a great show. Figures that The Sci-Fi Channel would cancel it. :(
:DDO read the books, KoshN! I love the show, but the books are amazing!

Oh, I plan to read the books. ;) I finished the DVD set on Sep. 21st and like to read related books after having watched the TV episodes because it gives me visuals and voices to plug in as I read, and because people who read the books first are usually the ones who are most disappointed and virulently against what they saw on TV. Most of the reviewers of "The Dresden Files" who have trashed the TV show, are the ones who read the books first.
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I missed the very last episode that aired for the show on TV so I figured I could Netflix it. I forgot that the SciFi channel F'ed with the order of the episodes so the disc I got had all the episodes that I had already seen. Now I'm on the fence... I don't know if I want to buy the box set or just let it go. SciFi kicked the show to the curb. I was gonna write a letter & I normally don't do letters.

I was watching Deadwood the other day and the guy who played Dresden turned up in it. He was a hired gun that shot a cornish worker in a bar & then later he got his throat slit by Swaringen. At least the guy is getting work.
:DDO read the books, KoshN! I love the show, but the books are amazing!

I've read:

Book 1 -Storm Front
Book 2 - Fool Moon
Book 3 - Grave Peril

...and am near the end of ...

Book 4 - Summer Knight.

Enjoyed 'em all, each more than the one before it, but putting Harry through greater and even greater hell and suffering is getting a tad old. Harry and Job have a lot in common. :rolleyes: I've bought all the books thru White Night, and will be reading them all, in order. Waiting for Small Favor to come out in paperback.
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Im on the last 40+ pages of "Dead Beat" and I have already picked up "White Night". Like KoshN I am waiting for Small Favors to come out in paperback.

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