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the drazi thing


Personally, I love the idea of a Drazi in this new B5 project. Yeah, they had a tendency to get on my nerves sometimes, as well. They tended to be kind of whiney and not just a little bit cowardly, at times. I don't, however, see JMS adding such a possibly controversial character without a good idea of what/who he wants that character to become, and I certainly wouldn't expect him to create a whiney, cowardly ranger! I think what Gus Lynch (whether or not he's the real thing) says is valid. It will be a great opportunity to explore a race that we know little about and definitely a great opportunity to watch the growth of a potentially interesting character. Now we just have to hope that whoever this mysterious Gus Lynch dude is can pull it off. If he can do a quarter of what Andreas Katsulas did with G'Kar, we're in pretty good shape. Anyone know anything at all about Mr. Lynch? He's not related to David or Kelly, is he?

wazzup with the drazi deal? its not like we never saw one before. i think its a pretty cool idea. jms probably just wanted to get a little deeper into the development of a new race. just for kicks, maybe. and like someone said below, the drazi might not even live through the movie. maybe he's just gonna be in the first five minutes and then get blown to bits by some threatening new alien species. then we'll just have the narn recruit. then maybe the narn will get blown away, too. and who cares who the actor is. hes not trying for an emmy. sorry. i dont mean to sound inflammatory.

No problem, Bran-the-Raven. Some of us just have nothing better to do than speculate about completely irrelevant things. Heh. Anyway, no offense taken. I'm just interested in other peoples opinions on the issue, that's all. And who knows. Andreas Katsulas sure was worthy of an Emmy. . .

If there's one thing I'd expect from JMS, it's a game of misdirection. I'd expect a lot of what we "know" about the Drazi to get turned on it's head. Just remember that G'Kar was supposed to be a bad guy at the beginning of B5...

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Good point. Impressions of the Drazi may change after seeing the performance of the Drazi ranger.

I get the feeling one thing people dislike about the Drazi is that green/purple war thing that makes their race seem simplistic, naive, and primitive. However, now that a Drazi is actually a main character, JMS may find some way of making the green/purple conflict actually make sense. We may even come to like the idea.

Probably a long shot (and maybe it should be), but maybe the Drazi finally giving up the green/purple conflict will even be one of the arc subplots. Who knows.

Yeah. That makes some sense. You have a good point yourself about the green/purple war thing. If you think about it, though, there is another interesting point to be made in there. You mention that the green/purple thing makes the race seem simplistic, primitive, naive. Well, it makes quite a statement about racism and prejudice in our own society. Maybe, under G'Kar's spiritual guidance and among the noble intentions of the Rangers, this Drazi can come ot a realization about the "ignorant naivete" of his own people's ways. I am not saying that he should become a second G'Kar, but something along those lines seems quite possible and could be a lot of fun to watch.

How often does the Green/purple war happen?

was it every 5 years?

Will or will one happen in the series?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>will one happen in the series?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Depends on whether the "five years" refers to Human, or Drazi years. (I have no idea how long the Drazi solar year is.)

The "last" Green/Purple conflict happened in 2259. If we're talking Earth years, the next would have been early in 2264, something over a year before the pilot film. Whether the series starts in 2265 or 2266, therefore, we should at least hear about the conflict of 2269. But if it is every five Drazi years, than its anybody's guess.

But we may do no more than hear about it. Don't forget, the conflict is fought out between the Drazi populations in a given area. What happens if there is only one Drazi aboard the Rangers' ship? Does he wear both purple and green and beat himself up?

Finally, it wasn't, properly speaking, a war until 2259. Up until that point the Drazi weren't actually killing each other, just beating each other up, sort of like a population-wide Toughman competition. The killings were an abberation, and may not have happened among all Drazi populations everywhere. By 2264 they may have returned to the earlier pattern, or even reduced the level of violence after leaning the lesson of '59.

By the way, did anybody notice how the Drazi in 2259 foreshadow the Vorlons and Shadows later? Both had a tradition of using limited violence at certain intervals to assert a purely symbolic dominance over the "other side." Both began breaking their own rules and escalating into outright murder until forced to stop by an outside party. Neat, huh?



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How big is the crew of a ranger ship? Well, how big is the ship? They were using White Stars in B5, but they would probably use different ships for different jobs and we know that "our" crew is using a different ship. I ask because if there are 50 crew members there could easily be more than one Drazi (sp?)on board. I know there is one in the cast who is going to be seen regularly but there could be others who will appear from time to time.

One reason they were so hard to like was because they were so ugly

Actually im a big drazi fan and look forward to seeing them again in Rangers. Just listening to them trying to explain the green/purple drazi thing to Ivonava was hilarious. One of my fav episodes


DS9 and B5. Who would have thought 2 of my fav shows would take place on stations in the middle of nowhere :)
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jomar:
One reason they were so hard to like was because they were so ugly


Yeah... but ugliness is actually a funny thing. I've noticed that once you get used to it, you don't really "see" it any more.

The Drazi were pretty funny. They seem to take everything very seriously - I guess that once a Drazi is a Ranger, he takes his duties seriously to the extreme!

So he could actually be quite a valuable addition.

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As I've posted elsewhere, I see the Green/Purple method of selecting a govt as the sort of thing the Shadows would support.
IOW, all the races have been influenced by both the Vorlon & the Shadows for hundreds of thousands of years. The Drazi could be one of the owrlds where the Shadow influence was particularly strong. The Shadows love Chaos. Purple/Green is about the most Chaotic way of choosing your leaders as I can imagine. Pure random chance. (Except that some Drazi will certainly find ways to cheat in order to get the Leader Scarf.)

It's the implications of this where things get interesting:

At their current rate of development, probably only a few Drazi have any idea the Shadows were ever on their world. So, the large majority are just like people everywhere else, just trying to make a buck and get home in time to watch a little Vid.

Within the power structure there are those who have no problem working with the Drakh. Others who, having learned about the Shadows, are really POed about having been Used and want to clean house.

Add in the Financial advantages & disadvantages of cooperating with one side or another, and you'll get a pretty volatile situation on a planet occupied by people with very short fuses under the best of circumstances.

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