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The Castes..of all races

I think the castes are more...GREY...then they seem, even for the minbari. If the minbari people went mad after the incident causing the other, bigger incident, i am sure many joined the warrior caste to fight, just like how with the humans in that incident, we put down our plowshares, and picked them up as swords, so to speak, to defend oueselves.
the religious and the workers manned most of the whitstars in the shadow war.
we tenc to think we are more sperated and that others are too than we really are. In peacetime, the warriors most likely explore, the religious learn, the workers rebuild and build more-in war, the warriors fight, the religious train and the workers defend/construct weapons as opposed to esoteric things like another museum.
what do you think?


good point about the minbari. humans are probably more flexable caste wise in times for war, or so i'd guess.

Yeah, I've wondered at times if the castes were in some ways just socio-ecconimic titles for groups of people. Each caste had a fleet of state-of-the-art (or we can presume so from on screen footage) warships - the Warrior caste just had the most by far. This makes sense since the Worker caste builds them all. Even a small portion of the entire Minbari fleet is rather impressive military power. And we know (from Delenn's battle with the Drakh in S4) a ship's computer can simulate some of the best training a Warrior caste pilot and gunner can have.

Anyway, that was just a rambling example ... Chances are each caste has things like medics, technicians, security, teachers, paper-pushers, etc. Some castes might be better than others at them, but I'd imagine they have them all. We usually only see the most prominant members (and at that only the Religious and Warrior caste usually) and not the everyday white and blue collar workers. Just one person writes up requisitions forms for his Warrior caste clan, another copies illumination for the history of Valen for the Religious caste, a Worker caste stands guard at a warehouse of supplies ... etc etc. At least that's how I see it. I think I'm rambling again.

Minbari bureaucrats would be a power to reckon with. Their paper-pushers would even scare the Centauri... with their neat and huge archives, thousand-year customs and strange policies.

"We are the universe, trying to figure itself out.
Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
-- Delenn

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