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The Babylon Project RPG....


Beyond the rim
Does anyone else have it? I have the EarthForce sourcebook, but that's it. I had a hard enough time finding it, since it's now out of print, but I managed to locate a game store in Indiana that had a couple copies left collecting dust in the stockroom.

The sourcebook is quite nice, all full-color. The game itself is well done, I think, and I pretty well like the mechanics.

I'm really having a hard time developing a story to toss the characters into right now, though. I always have this problem when I try to GM an RPG. It's frustrating. I love to role-play and have been told I'm very good at it, but when it comes to running a campaign, I get all mixed up.

I'd love to find some sort of Crusade expansion (either official, or a really good home-brewed one) so I could better create stories in that timeline.

If anyone has copies of any of the other books that they don't want anymore and are interested in selling (or just a list of the other ones available), please let me know. I'm always looking.

Anyone have any good campaigns published out there on the net?

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Hi Derian

Yes I have a copy of both the original roleplaying game and the source book. I have looked on the net for some modules and have found one or two that you can download in PDF format, will check the address I got them from and let you know where they can be found.

On the subject of actually playing the game, me and a few friends have been threatening to do so for a little while, when we do I will let you know how it went.

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Derian, if you go to Amazon.co.uk you will see that they have a few copies of "Babylon project" RPG, just check the shipping charge before you buy. I have checked the American arm of Amazon and they seem to be sold out
. If I see it anywhere else I will post on the board.

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I have been playing a B5 rpg for a few months now, but have decided not to use the B5 RPG rules, because I was not too crazy about them.
We use Spacemaster rules instead. I do use the B5 RPG books as sourcematerial.
The campaign I am running is set during the Dilgar Wars and I have made extensive use of the B5Wars miniature game sourcebooks for that. They really provide a lot of good background material.

I have the game and the sourcebook and the screen. I have played it and really enjoyed it, since the character creation system was so good. I GMd, and one player played a human merchant who trained mostly with the Centauri. One played a Centauri ambassador. One played a Human Commander, and I played a Human captain. ( I had planned to kill my character, putting a PC in charge, after they got the hang of the game.) It is a great RPG.

Yeah, though I have mixed feelings about it.

The background info is great, but I really didn't like the mechanics. I was thinking of trying to adapt Alternity to fit B5, but that game was discontinued...

Maybe I'll try d20 rules.

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