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The Babylon 5 combat sim, dead and buried...


Beyond the rim


NOOOOO but we still need hope!

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Amen. Here's to hope.

Once Warner Bros opens up a new round of B5 licensing to support B5LR, it's remotely possible that someone will remember all the work Sector 14 put into ITF and figure, "No sense in letting a good thing go to waste."

Someone correct me on this, but since WB isn't renewing current B5 licenses, wouldn't that in essence zero out the counter and allow them to start a new campaign without inheriting any baggage from the old deals?

If so, maybe ITF has a half a chance in hell of being produced the way it was intended. It's a slim chance, but hey, so was B5.

Joe Medina (neargrai@aol.com)

"...that which are, we are"
Damn. More proof than petty small-mindedness and power can cancel out talent and vision.

I can only hope that B5LR (and the next round of licensing the program can open) will make a better opportunity for a game worthy of Sector 14's memory.

Joe Medina (neargrai@aol.com)

"...that which are, we are"
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well, i don't thin itf will ever be made... a pitty to lose all the fmv and soundtrack!

but maybe there will be another b5 game made if b5lr is a success, an rts-game for example...

we'll see...
there is hope.... i knew bout the end a few days ago when it was announced on drazys fourms....

IFH is a from scratch made game... well its being made... b5 game its still in devlopment but it looks very very good

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Don't mourn the loss of "Into The Fire" or its constituent parts yet, folks. As pointed out above, WB is hitting the big ol' reset button on the B5 licensing, and for good and obvious reasons: it's heating up again! The TV movie/series pilot for which this site was made didn't come about because of kind hopes, gentle wishes or even letter campaigns (if the latter were the case, this would a Crusade site most likely!). The fact is that B5 has been a money-maker for SCI FI and they want to see if they can make even more money with a new B5 product. This is a Good Thing, 'cause economics make the world go round and that factor is squarely in our favor. This well could be the beginning of the oft-prophesied B5 renaissance, similar to that of Star Trek fandom after the original series' abortive run. Look at Crusade: why would SCI FI be running it weekly after the inital stripped run if it WASN'T popular enough to draw good ratings?

This is ALL to the good, folks, and it'll begin to build upon itself, so that it's well possible that we'll get another game in short order. And depending on the contracts, we just might get Into The Fire. I can't imagine WB would allow so much to be put into the game, including the FMV and Christopher Franke soundtrack and NOT retain SOME kind of rights to all of it. It could be as simple as WB saying to Sierra, "Hey, make us a B5 game! We'll hook you up with access to JMS, CGI ship models, Franke for new music, and what the heck, we'll even get some of the series actors to film some sequences for you. Of course, we'll own the whole magilla, lot, stock and barrel, but you get a nice healthy chunk of the profits to develop and market the game." Hell, considering they never even finished the game, WB might eventually be able to shop it to some other house to polish it off and send it out. Okay, so the grass-roots effort has come to naught, but never ignore how much can be done with a good healthy profit as motivation!

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