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the B5 Wiki needs contributions!


So hey there, folks! It's been a long time since I dropped by, but I thought I'd let you guys know that I finally set up the B5 Wiki I said I would. :D So now it just needs information, updates, etc. Being as you guys are one of the other major fan communities for the show, I thought I'd be good dropping a notice here, so yeah. I hope you guys like it. One of the FO Forum members has been adding and updating data like a freakin' madman lately. :D

The Great Machine

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to add...please make any comments and suggestion you have on your minds! This is still a big work-in progress, so anything is welcome.
Indeed it is! And so far, it's pretty massive, though very incomplete. Lots of B5 character Bio's are missing...

And we need lots of ship details added!
What the hell is a Wiki? This is what I keep picturing...

Wiki =
What an unholy union!!

A Wiki, short for Wikipedia, is an on-line encylopedia (origins of the word are lost on me, i'm afraid) such as www.wikipedia.com where anyone can amend or add entries. In time, they become powerful reference materials.

These guys are setting up one specifically for all things B5 related. Take a look!!