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The Actor Game: yet another Trek/B5 connection


Dig it,
I'm checkin' out my new season 1 box set of Star Trek: TNG. In this episode (LaForge commands the ship while Picard and the doctor (injured) are stranded on some planet that used to sell weapons), there's a cute young Asian intern at the helm... looked so familiar...

it's Catherine Sakai! With curly hair. She looks a little more plump and cute here, which I like.

I've never seen this episode before, so I didn't know about it.
Yep, Julia Nickson. You can also check her out in Rambo 2. She love you long time.

Just recently I noticed that Terri Hatcher played a transporter operator in the episode "The Outrageous Ocona" (Think I got that right). Ocona, played by Bill Campbell (that Rocketeer guy) put the moves on her and got her out of uniform, if ya know what I mean.

Then there was Ashley Judd as Ensign Leffler in the episode "The Game". She sure was young then. Wesley did NOT have the moves to get her out of uniform, as we all well know.