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Terra Firma (Farscape Spoilers)


What a fantastic episode. Most likely one of my favorite episodes of the series, if not my favorite. The acting here was top-notch, as were the special effects (when D'argo blows Green Goblin rip-off streight to hell).

For some reason, perhaps because I've become accustomed to Treks re-set buttons, I felt that it wasn't going to be the "real" earth, but the writers ended the story on a note of mixed emotions, and of course, the earth was really Johns earth.

And it was funny again. Old woman singing christmas carolds, rygel with the poc porn.

Then I watched SG-1, and while I enjoy the show, in no way can it match the quality and inventiveness of Farscape.

Further reinforcement that Scifi is run by morons.

BTW anyone know the ratings for last weeks episode?