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Television Without Pity


Have any of you ever seen this website? Its the kind of site Im almost positive that folks like GKarsEye would just love. Basically its a group of people who write commentaries on epsides of popular television shows, and people can post forum type comments about those episodes. The people that do the write-ups do them in a rather humorous way. Even episodes they love they rip on a bit, and ones that are bad they dont hold back. However its always done in a good-natured tasteful way.

They also (either the writers on the site, or the visitors) come up with nicknames for all the characters on the shows. Here are a few of the nicknames of people from shows that are often discussed in this forum:

Jack Bauer: Kieffer (simple enough)
Kim Bauer: Spawn (short for Spawn of Kieffer)
Sherry Palmer: Lady Mac (short for Lady MacBeth)
Kims BF: Enricky
Bob Warner (the father of the chicks): Papa Crew
Lynn Kresge (Ro Lauren): Rolaids

Boston Public: (This show is still discussable in forums, but they no longer do writeups on it)
The best nicknames from this show are the two young out-of-college teachers that I was ripping on when the season started. The two boy-band lookin guys that the only reason they brought them in was to try to get teenage girl ratings up, and other than that, they add nothing to the show. Their nicknames are:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif Because character wise, they are completely interchangable!

Anyway, its a pretty funny site, and if you like or dislike certain television shows, its worth a peek and is entertaining to read some of the comments in the forums:

Agreed, it's an amusing site. For any West Wing fans here, they have named Zoe's boyfriend Pierre Escargoaway.
I love the Alias write ups they do. The girl who writes them is freaking hilarious. They are huge though, about 13 pages for one episode!
Yeah, that site is hilarious. I came across it early last summer when doing a search on one of the Trading Spaces designers. I've had to be careful not to be eating or drinking anything while reading the recaps or the boards. I like the word they use: snarky. That's exactly what they are.
I love that site. Their Enterprise recaps are often better than the episode itself (which isn't really that hard, but still). Captain Archer is just called Quantum and I love all the names they come up for Mayweather.

Admiral Dave
Apparently some writers and producers of the shows actually read and visit the site since it is so popular. They even occasionally do "shout outs" in their shows and make throw-away lines that seem to fit or mean nothing in particular in the shows, yet are replies or relate to stuff on that site. Sort of a nod in their direction.
Ah come on ... we don't have lives or anything so what else are we going to do? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

I thought the Enterprise recaps were hilarious! /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

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