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Technical question about B5 production

I don't know this for a fact but I guess somebody who knows will answer soon. IIRC, I've only ever seen one camera, but the scenes were done from multiple angles.

Each scene is done from several angles, but they would only need one camera for this since the stage has to be re-lighted for each angle.

I recommend JMS' description of production and the DVD documentaries, particularly Blueprint of an episode.

EDIT: Filmed shows generally use one camera at a time, while taped shows often use three cameras. Taping saves film development and time.
B5 was shot the same way films are, what is called "single-camera production" even though there are times when more than one camera is set up to cover a scene. It is a completely different beast than multiple-camera video taping for TV.

Even some sit-coms, such as MASH, were done in the single camera format. It is becoming standard practice with most TV shows.

B5 was a single-cam, shot like a movie. Multi-cam stuff are shows filmed in a studio, usually on video (not film like B5), like most sit-coms.

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