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Technical Problem with site


This is a minor problem, but I just thought I mention it:

Near the top banner of the screen there is the section selection bar

(i.e. home, news, features, shop, forums, contact us)

Just to the right of "contact us", it looks like there supposed to be some sort of picture or background block, but I always get that thing you get when a picture can't load on a website (the little white box with a red x)

Anyway, just an aesthetic issue, doesn't really damage site functionality
It's actually Java, so without a Java engine it won't display.

It's actually something I want to change, for a Flash thing. But as with most of the stuff on the site, it's not been done. :)
If opportunity does arise, it could be a good thing to change.

Loading the Java virtual machine delays page loading (and consumes memory too).