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Team America: World Police


Anyone watch this, I remember seeing the Incredibles discussed, but, don't remember a Team America Thread.

Got the DVD on the 17th when it came out as a birthday present for the hubby.

I loved it, it was so over the top. The really scary thing is, there are so many people who loved the movie and didn't see it as over the top.

Blwong up the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to get the Terrorists. Even the theme song, which I still can't get out of my head, "America, F*** Yeah". And it was a love story to boot.
There were a couple of threads when the trailer came out, and again when thefilm arrived, but we didn't discuss much.

I always wondered what I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. could stand for if it was a real acronym.
My roomate watched this, while I was messing around on the computer, so I heard it in the background. The "America, FUCK YEA!" song was pretty damn funny in a South Parkish way. Reminded me a lot of the South Park movie. By far I think the funniest scene that I saw was the sex scene. Something about dolls having sex looks hysterical. Plus they really did some nasty stuff with that scene too. Had me laughing.
Yes, but are they only making fun of left-wingers in this film? I couldn't figure out if they were making fun of right-wingers too, or if they were praising them.

Yes, but are they only making fun of left-wingers in this film? I couldn't figure out if they were making fun of right-wingers too, or if they were praising them.

They were making fun of everyone.
Yea those guys seem to do a good job of spreading around the jabs. Thats one reason I like them. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I dont, but they parody equally for the most part. :)
Frankly I was dissapointed with the movie. All the jokes were beaten into the ground. I get it, celeberties are full of themselves, that's why I mostly ignore them. They really aren't signifigant but it seemed like stupid actors are, to Mat and Trey, the biggest outrage of all. After awhile that and the fact that they're using puppets got boring. By the time the movie got to its moronic theory/lesson I was watching the clock waiting for quintuple zeros.

My friend and me watched in the movie theatre. We laughed ourselves silly during the martial arts scene in the beginning, and when the panthers were unleashed. :)

Also, Michael Moore being full of fast food was funny. I never thought fat jokes were funny, but this one was. I guess Parker and Stone didn't like the way they were treated in "Bowling for Columbine".

Funny once, but not something I'll get on DVD.
I loved the Pearl Harbor song. :) The whole film, as they have said in interviews, is a Jerry Bruckheimer movie with puppets - and like all Jerry Bruckheimer films it is a comedy. (Bruckheimer just doesn't know that his films are funny.)

As for the politics of the film, I think this quotation says it all:

"I hate conservatives. But I really f***ing hate liberals." - Trey Parker


I loved it and I laughed my ass off the whole time. Sure there are a lot of stupid jokes, but tha'ts Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But, as with South Park, I found there to be a very smart satire underpinning it all. Of course they make fun of everybody, but they actually make a statement without getting political or choosing a side. And they do it in utter rediculousness. The dicks/pussies/assholes speech at the end is genius
Parker and Stone focus on celebs a lot. We all know they're often absurd, but most of us don't pay attention to them. Parker and Stone, now that they're big shots, are surrounded by them so they personally deal with celebrity more, I would guess. But it's hard to relate. I really didn't know Alec Baldwin's politics before this movie and I didn't care. Still his "actors know more about politics" speech was very funny (and a dead-on voice immitation as well).

The first half the movie was mostly making fun of "conservative" and the jingoistic "patriotic" mindset (ie, blowing up all of Paris to prevent the terrorists from blowing up all of Paris) while the second half of the movie was making fun of "liberals," specifically celebrities.

I had a blast at the movies watching this.
The Bruckheimer song was funny, for the first minute. It wasn't the politics just every joke was repeated until you forgot why you found it funny in the first place.

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