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Talia Winter's Real Personality

Talia Winter\'s Real Personality

Just to make sure that I got things right - which is the real Talia Winters personality? The one who had made friends with Garibaldi and Ivanova, and who was Jason Ironheart's lover? Or the Psi-Corps spy who expressed contempt at Ivanova in "Divided Loyalties"?
Re: Talia Winter\'s Real Personality

If by "real" you mean "original", the implication was always that it was the one who loved Ironheart and helped the Underground Railroad.
Re: Talia Winter\'s Real Personality

The way that I understand it is that Talia Winters is the telepath who was Ironheart's lover, became friend of Ivanova, etc. "Control" was the personality that was planted unbeknownst to Talia into her subconscious by the PsiCorps that when sent the telepathic trigger oblitterated Talia's real personality and assumed control of Talia's body.

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