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Take me on...


I'm not quite sure, but I feel that that bit, to me, may be the best FG moment ever. It at least ranks in the top five. Kinda wish it had lasted longer, but we got the evil race car driver people with the wrench in there, so I'm happy.
[/nitpick]Subject should read:

"Take on me" not "Take me on"

That scene cracked me up last night, especially when Lois asked Chris "WHERE WERE YOU?" and he replied frantically "I DONT KNOW!!!"'


Actually in retrospect, the topic could work either way, so whatever. I just was thinking of the first part of the chorus instead of the rest/title. F'd up song in the first place, and a funny cutaway scene.
Actually technically it's both.

The Song is "Take on Me"

But the chorus goes "Take on me.... take me on, I'll be gone in a day or twoooooooooooooooooooooo"

God I think I was in high school when it came out, or maybe it was out a few years after a graduated. :eek: :LOL: