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Beyond the rim
I was walking around the WalMart today,and I saw a thing on the ad tv's about a Terminator 2 special dvd. I checked it out. It is in a metal case and it is said to have had the graphics redone. Sounds pretty cool, because if it had been done back then with the graphics we had today...cool! So, I'm considering paying the $20.

Thoughts, anyone?
I think it's all a rip off. I believe you're referring to the Extreme edition.

However, they previously released the Ultimate Edition. Now.. they need to look up the meaning of ultimate, becuase ultimate means final.

So legally, I do wonder if they're on a sticky wicket.
Personally, I rather like watching movies the way they were when first released. All this re-releasing with updated CGI and all, just seems to me to be a way to grab more money from people.

I find I get angry watching Lucas' redone versions of the original Star Wars movies. And, I was pleased when Spielberg's updated version of ET flopped in the US. :devil: :D
From what I heard, this will pretty much be the same as the last Ultimate Edition except there will be a 3rd DVD with the film as a movie file specially made for Media Player 9, which apparently will be able to do a higher resolution that you normally get.

Sounds cool, if a little dubious.

Folks, they're not re-doing CGI. This isn't Star Wars.

The new DVD features a version for the computer. You need the right equipment and software to play it. It's at a highter resolution.

It also has a full-length commentary by Cameron and other bonus stuff.

I personally won't be getting it, since I don't like to watch movies on my PC and I don't care enough about special features and commentary to warrant a new purchase.
Personally, I rather like watching movies the way they were when first released.
I agree on the CGI thing. But with the old Ultimate Edition, the film was extended with added footage which, in my opinion, made the film much better.
And it also gave you the option of watching the extended or theatrical version. That's what every DVD with "extra" footage should do.

I like some of the extra scenes but not all.
Well, I got it. And, I'm not disapointed. It had new scenes I hadn't seen before and it had great sound and video quality. The "Extreme DVD" was pretty good. :)
The extreme edition is a brand new transfer. Basicly to preserve the movie a new hi def transfer was creaded and the down convereted for the dvd, plus lots of restoration work went into removing any grain and print damage.

Plus there is a hi def version which has to be played on a PC and the picture is incredible, however you need a monster of a machine to play it. So don't worry no new cgi just the prestine way it was ment to be seen.

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