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Sword Arc (Minor Spoilers for un-aired eps)


Hi Guys.
I notice a lot of talk about 3 of the un-aired scripts (Value Judgements. To The Ends Of the Earth and The End of the Line), but Did anyone else read the Interview with Fiona Avery in the B5 magazine around the time Crusade was axed? She mentioned ANOTHER Crusade arc she was writing....I recall the following details...


-It was referred to as the 'Sword Arc'
-It consisted of 3 episodes, the first of which was
entitled 'Tried and True'
-Dureena was the major figure in this arc.
- 'Tried' involved Dureena going to a space station operated by the thieves' guild.
-There, she meets someone called 'Mafeek'. (her guild trainer she mentions in ACTA?)
-The guild are suspicious of her close accociation with the Earth Alliance, and working on an EA ship. She has to convince them of her loyalty.
-At some point in the arc, she acquires a sword, before returning to Excalibur. (the Sword mentioned in the script for 'To the ends of the Earth'?)

Anyone else read this?

ahh, jms said that she got the sword from an earlier ep.........no i hadn't heard about that one........sounds intreging - as all this crusade stuff does

DAMN TNT - again and again
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by WarpPig:
<font color=yellow>...(the Sword mentioned in the script for 'To the ends of the Earth'?)
</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

I think the sword was in End of the Line.
Someone must have gotten confused here, because in the info I have, the "Dureena gets kidnapped" episode would have been written by Richard Mueller, followed by "The Gates of Hell" by Larry DiTillio, ending with an episode by jms, where Dureena finds the sword in an ancient tomb.

This is the first I've heard of "Tried and True" being connected to those episodes.
This came from the official B5 Magazine, in an interview with Fiona A. IIRC was backed up by the 'B5/Crusade Spoiler Junkies' ' site, which was almost always spot on with its info.
Possibly she was referring to scripts in development rather than ones of her own (I'm sure you know of her position as B5 reference editor - presumably she's as close to JMS as anyone on the creative side!). I'm certain that 'Tried' was the first part of a 3-part arc, though...
I do recall vaguely that there was supposed to be a JMS briefing on one episode, I think (could be wrong here) that Larry DiTillo was to write it, involving Gideon and Matheson on a shuttle. The instruction to him was supposedly 'go where you want to with this one, but they're the only cast you can use for this' - or words to that effect. Very cryptic!
wasnt Dureenas sword supposed to Glow or hum or something when Gideon came into her room? I am betting its reacting to the influence of the Apocalypse Box...shades of Sting and the Orcs here? sweet.

So would that mean the Sword was forged by a race who oppesed the makers of the Box? like, for example, if the Box was Vorlon built, the Sword was Shadow forged?

someone once pointed out that Crusade was all about the little "presents" the First Ones left us. Telepaths, Technomages, Shadow-hybrids, Vorlons Main Guns, etc...
where does that leave the Apocalypse Box?

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