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SW: Eps -2 thru 0: Before the Menace was Phantom??

An article from Cinescape regarding Star Wars...

Another scooper, MK, wrote in with his story of meeting none other than George Lucas, while in Hawaii on his (MK’s) honeymoon. MK had this to say about his chance encounter with the Master:

I was vacationing at the Mandarin Oriental in Hawaii for my honeymoon in 2004. I ran into George Lucas and his family on the beach there. I was sitting in a hammock, just about to get up, and he asked me if I was done. I said yes and began to leave....

He said so "Where are you from" ... I said I was from NY. He said "Are you here for the shoot?" I said no, “Here on my honeymoon.”

I told him I was a big STAR WARS fan and was anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the most recent trilogy.

I asked him if STAR WARS was going to end with this next installment and.

He said, "'Star Wars' will never end. My involvement may, but the story will go on...."

I said what do you think would be more interesting.... telling a story prior to PHANTOM MENANCE or after RETURN OF THE JEDI?

(Lucas) said, no question about it, prior to PHANTOM MENACE. He said, that if he did ever do another storyline.... that he would do when the Jedi regained control of the universe from the Dark Lords (there were many of them) 800 years before PHANTOM MENACE. And a young Jedi named Yoda was instrumental in the effort.

None of these stories are (or can truly be) confirmed at this moment, so only time will tell.

I admit, it sounds more like an unconfirmed rumor, but it's an intriguing idea.
I think it would be cool if he ever told of the stories long before TPM, but I'm sure his involvement in Star Wars is all but complete. There may be others that come along to take his place, but I'm guessing that most everything from now on will be either in book, comic, or cartoon form, save the live action series.
Re: SW: Eps -2 thru 0: Before the Menace was Phant

Sounds like a fan-rumor to me, but cool none the less.

Anyway, The Knights of The Old Republic game series do a good job of this already...