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Supposed asian DVD series set same content as US?


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The supposed Asian distribution version of the B5 complete series DVDs are available from at least one and probably two sources. They are around half of the price of the US distribution complete series set. However I wonder if these presumably Asian DVDs are the same aspect ratio as the US dist. versions (wide-screen and playable on NTSC), and whether they have the same special features & commentary as the US distribution version?

One source I found is at:


And there are other sources such as ebay which have single copies of the set.

Note that the sites I've found claim that the discs are playable in region 1 (which includes the US).

Also, does the "complete series" set have extra special features as compared to getting each season individually?
With such high discounts, it may be bootlegs, yes. Perhaps have a word with WBHV and ask them wether this is licensed.

I own very few Asian DVDs (anime), and I had to do some research to make sure that they were properly licensed.

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