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Superman Graphic novels/comics


Okay, I feel ridiculous. But recently, I have become interested in Superman. I have collected a number of the DVDs and movies. I have also collected a small number of the comics/graphic novels - mostly secondhand. I am interested in getting more.
The trouble is, that they are not that easy to find in my country. I've tried checking local bookselling websites, and yikes! The prices. I checked out a local shop that specalises in graphic novels - they seemed to start at about $40 NZ.
There is one local website, which while the prices are fairly similar to others, at least offers free postage. I am also looking at overseas websites. So far, mainly Amazon [the American version] and Abebooks.
I have no idea what Amazon is like when it comes to delivery. I have ordered stuff from Abebooks for other people, and while they are slow, they do seem to deliver - eventually.
Can anyone recommend a good website where I can buy graphic novels at a reasonable price? Does DC comics have a order website? I should add that with the type of credit card I have, you get charged $3.50 for international orders. Would I be better off ordering locally?

Thank-you in advance.
Forbidden planet in the UK is ok and does mail order online, but it may not be any cheaper to import from the UK to NZ, given that the comics come from the US in the first place.

I use Amazon UK to get US trades. They are usually quite good. Is there an Amazon.ns ?

The fact is that trade collections are rather expensive anyhow.

Speaking of DC, I've just got the first 52 collection. It is superb.
Thanks for that.

I actually ordered one from Amazon the other day. The book was about $10.30, postage to NZ around $12. And the kind of credit card I use charges $3.50 for overseas transactions. And by the time you factored in the exchange rate, the total came to $32.

Afterwards, I thought, I must be nuts. Anyway, the next day, I headed off to Borders - yes, we have them here to have a look at their graphic novels. They had a reasonably good selection. I found the one I had ordered from Amazon. $47! So, in that case anyway, ordering overseas didn't work out too badly - and the one I had ordered was new.

There is no Amazon NZ or even Australia - and I did check out websites across the ditch. I have also started checking out E bay - there is an Australian website for that.

I found the DC website, and while they do not sell the graphic novels themselves, they at least gave a complete rundown and plots of the ones I was interested in.

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