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Tagline: "A Film of Epic Portions"
Pete Traver's Review Quote: "I'm Lovin' It!"

Saw this last night at the artsy-fartsy Enzian Theatre near Orlando.

See what happens when filmmaker Morgan Spurlock dares to eat nothing but McFood for 30 days. Laced with the reality-tv premise are several seqments and vignettes on the topic of American diet culture. The film was informative, educational, horrific at times, and damn funny. After its run, they should show this film in every school in the country (including the part where he skewers the school lunch program :cool:).

Check it out at an artsy-fartsy theatre near you.
I've heard all about this film. I couldn't possibly eat just McDonald's for 30 days (except for substantial amounts of money though). It's not playing at any local theaters by my place. It'll probably hit DVD by the time I finally see it.
I saw this film on video back in January, because it was submitted to a film festival I work on. I was very disappointed that not enough of the other people on the screening committee agreed with me, that the film should be programmed, no matter how hard I argued. It has since shown on its own, in the same theater where we hold the festival. It is a fine, interesting, and funny piece of film making. I consider its success a personal vindication. :D ;) :D
When I heard about this film all I could think was "to whom was this a news flash?". :rolleyes:

How quickly his health suffered might be the only surprise here. No one seriously thought that fast food all of the time could possibly be good for you, did they?

Now pardon me while I dig into a hot order of fried fresh vegetables here. :D :p