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Sulu comes out of the closet


Well, I certainly didn't know. But then my gaydar is nonexistent. If I ever want to know if a celebrity is gay anymore, I just ask Markas. :D
I just keep saying to myself, "TAKEI is gay... Sulu had a wife & daughter." :)

It keeps me from telling people the one-liner: "Well, I guess Sulu really did get in a Huey in Star Trek IV."

I just keep saying to myself, "TAKEI is gay... Sulu had a wife & daughter." :)

Well, he had a daughter, neither Kirk, Scotty nor Chekov had heard of him having either a wife and a daughter. 23rd century and 23rd century medicine, who knows what the deal was. Or she could have just been adopted.

Though yeah, character <> actor, just speaking hypothetically :D .. and I did in TOS have the feeling that he was after Uhura. Though I was 9 when hugely into TOS, other people here will have had better vibecatchers.
Oh my...... :p

I'm not surprised at all.

What's funny is the article said he's had the same partner for 18 years, so it's hardly a secret. He just seems to be the rare celebrity that was left in peace to do his own thing.
I'm even more impressed that he seems to be that rarity in the entertainment industry - someone who's managed to maintain an intact long term relationship - 18 years is a long time!

Good for you, George.
Indeed! Whether it's guy/guy, girl/girl, or guy/girl 18 years is a long time for a relationship in today's Hollywood. :)
Yeah, there's too many affairs with the pastor, or the church secretary, or the choir director going on. :LOL:
Catholicism in the US is comprised of millions of loosely practicing members. If you're really serious, you become a Baptist. :D PRAISE GAWD!!
My mother's family is *very* (southern and) baptist and mostly not aware of the fact that she no longer is, so the assumption is that it's baptists among themselves whenever we have contact with relatives from the US. So I'm aware of baptism. Unfortunately. ;)

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