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subtitle on R1 season 4


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Hi, at DVDSoon`s webshop it says that there is Spanish and French subtitles, but at DVDEmpire it says that there is English as well. Is there different editions in Canada and the US? or is it just forgotten in the description of the DVD at DVDSoon? has anyone bought from DVDSoon and can confirm that there are no English subtitle? on description of season 1,2,3 and 5, there is english subtitle. I hope someone can help me :)
Strictly speaking the English text option on most films/TV shows with an English soundtrack is not a subtitle - it is Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired. Subtitles translate dialogue from one language into another for people who can hear fine, but happen not to speak the language the film was shot in. Closed Captioning not only includes a slightly abridged text version of the dialogue but notes significant sound FX, music cues, etc.

We know that new English Closed Captions were created for the DVDs, so it seems likely that one of your sources is correctly listing only French and Spanish as subtitle language while the other is being less precise and lumping in the English Closed Captions with the subtitles.



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