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subliminal message?


Beyond the rim
I was just reading the review of the 2nd season boxed set of B5 at futureshop.ca and it said that the episode "And Now For A Word" has a subliminal message that was banned in France. I haven't seen the episode in years, does anyone remember this? What's the message?
Here you go, Nancy. This is from the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5:

Subliminal" text during the Psi Corps ad: "The Psi Corps is your friend. Trust the Corps."

Though the subliminal message was onscreen long enough to satisfy American television regulations, in France, the message was clipped out altogether due to tougher French rules.
And the first word of the description has a mighty spoiler for newbies.

Not to mention its being totally inaccurate for season two, in which his title is "Captain".


Thanks for the info hyp. I don't see how "The Psi Corps is your friend. Trust the Corps." is a subliminal message in our point of view, its not like it truly exists. Or does it? Muhahaha!
I don't see how "The Psi Corps is your friend. Trust the Corps." is a subliminal message in our point of view

Under U.S. and French broadcasting laws it is the duration of the message, regardless of content, that makes a message "subliminal". The French law on this point is even more idiotic than the U.S. one. (There has never been any scientific evidence to suggest that "subliminal" messages are effective - the oft-cited "experiment" at a movie theater in New Jersey was a hoax perpetrated by a crank . None of the few reputable scientists who have looked into the notion has been show that this stuff works. I look expect the passage of laws to protect us from invasion by Martians and the effects of pixie dust any day now.)


By definition, a subliminal message is one that cannot be overtly perceived. Since the Psi-Corps thingy was plainly seen, I don't see how it could be viewed as subliminal. After all, it was part of what was an obvious satire of a propoganda campaign advert that wasn't even part of the show! Trust the people who idolize Jerry Lewis not to get the joke.
Just one part of the growing ignorence in the world, about the same level as beliving irradiated food is itself radioactive.

Lets try a little experiment with subliminal messages, shall we? lets have the women on the board veiw a message stating the phrase "sol5 is hot" , and see if their opinion of him changes...
I'm game!

Seriously, though, the message was clearly visible. How can something be subliminal if it's clearly visible?
Spot on. If you can detect it, it ain't subliminal.

Leagally speaking, though, it might be defined as X number of frames.

Walt Disney apparently was really really sharp when it came to detecting things that most of us would find "subliminal." I hear tell that animators would sneak naughty pictures in for a frame to try to sneak one past him, and he would always catch them.