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It should be fixed now .. the titles defaulted to the UBB.threads standard titles after the upgrade. Seems to have affected the new users.
It's still hanging around it seems, colonyearth is shown as a stranger. Perhaps it's stuck to all people who joined in that period?

And what were Infopop thinking? "Stranger" is a daft way to label newbies - it's hardly welcoming. :p
This is moving away slightly from the subject, but....

I have noticed that the signature length has been restricted to 100 characters (not much), but the homepage url can be 150 characters.

This means unfortunately, that I cannot add my birthday or change anything else in my profile unless I drastically curtail my signature. Something I am loathe to do.

Can we have the signature length increased a bit please?
Can we have the signature length increased a bit please?


Kribu did tell me about this... she's on the ball about everything really. User ranks, she spotted that one too. :D But I just got around to doing it.

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