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Stranger in a Strange Land


A post from JMS in the alt.babylon5.uk newsgroup.

Not knowing the area very well...if one were going to be spending a great deal
of time in Hertfordshire, which is apparently near London (pity please on a
geographically unenlightened American), would it be better to get a small flat
in London for that time and commute, or get something in Hertfordshire itself?
How long is the trip? Or is there somewhere in-between that would be salutory?



Note : Hertfordshire is the country just north of Greater London. It contains plenty of green areas, suitable for filming in.

It also contains the Elstree film studio. This is about 100 yards from the Hertfordshire/Greater London country border.
Serious reply:

If it is Elstree that is the area of Herts, then it is inside the M25 and very commutable into central London. It will depend on the traffic if driving and I have never done the journey myself. Train journey shouldn't be more than about twenty minutes.

If the area is further north (like Tring), then train journey is about fifty minutes, and driving would be at least an hour.

I shall let others with better knowledge and experience confirm or deny this.
very interesting.
It would depend if he is going to be in the capital.

Winchester Films, (to voodoo resurect an old rumor) is based in cerntral London about five mins from where i work. I'll keep my eyes peeled!!