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Strange Tales of B5: Londo Mollari, P.I. ~ Part 2

After being a lazy bum for nearly a month, I think, I deemed it time to post Part 2. Here we go!

Londo, who had been momentarily distracted by a passing female, had missed what the client had said. He turned to Vir and scratched his head. "Eh, what was that he said?" "Firstly, his name is Derrik Roberts. He's searching for his missing friend, who he suspects is involved with the incidents in Down Below." Londo held up a finger. "Ah, but his clothing would make one assume that he was not in any trouble, financial or otherwise. It doesn't appear that he would be living in Down Below. Yes?" Roberts tapped Londo on the shoulder. "Your assessment is correct, Mr. Mollari. However, my friend does live in Down Below. His job as a merchant didn't last long, and he quickly fell into debt." "I see," said Londo, apparently deep in thought. "Anyway, what about payment? The least I could accept is, oh, maybe three thousand credits." Londo crossed his arms and smiled. "Well, alright," replied Roberts. Wide eyed, Londo stuttered, "Y-you're going t-t-to p-pay that m-much?" "Why wouldn't I?" "It it is a steep price. Yes?" "That it is, but I do have more than enough credits. Being the son of a wealthy diplomat has its perks." "Ah, if you don't mind me asking, why wouldn't you help your friend?" "I've tried to help, but he won't accept the credits. His pride demands that he do it himself. He was close to getting enough credits to get a ride home before he... vanished." Londo's face took on a haunted appearance. "He sounds like an honorable man," said Londo, adding in a lower, inaudible tone, "Why couldn't I do things myself?"

Garibaldi once again found himself in Down Below. "Another one, Zack?" "Yeah. We have no idea who the victim is, but we received reports of a struggle." "Are we sure this is our guy's work?" Zack inclined his head. "Pretty sure. The usual criminals have almost completely shut down their operations. Probably 'cause they're afraid they'll be the next target of our mystery man." While the two continued their conversation, the mysterious watcher was once again hiding in the inky darkness. Smiling grimly, the figure turned to leave, and in doing so smacked into a steel support beam. "What the hell was that?" asked Garibaldi, turning to look at where the noise had come from. The watcher froze, hoping that they wouldn't notice him. "Probably just a... a something. Want me to check it out?" "Nah. It's not that important." The watcher waited for them to turn away, and then slid away through the shadows.

Meanwhile, in the office of B5's Captain John Sheridan, said captain was leaned back in his chair with his feet propped up on his desk. "Heheh, I love Rebo and Zooty." The sudden appearance of Susan Ivanova, station commander, had Sheridan trying to quickly make himself look busy. "Sir?" Sheridan abruptly stopped, although his frantic bumbling had created a veritable blizzard of paper, whose sheets now floated down around him. "Yes commander?" asked Sheridan nervously. Trying to hold back her laughter, Ivanova presented Sheridan with a folder. "This was just delivered today," explained Ivanova, whose voice was cracked by the strain of keeping a serious tone. "I see you've been rather busy," she added, inclining her head to the screen on the far wall displaying an old Rebo and Zooty movie. "Yes, yes, eh... quite busy. Always with the trouble, those... things. What was I saying?" Sheridan then remembered the folder in his hands. Opening it, he looked through the papers inside. "Care to tell me what that is?" Sheridan looked up at Ivanova and smirked. "For your information, it's a letter from the Markab homeworld." Ivanova was thoroughly puzzled. "Aren't they all dead?" "Yes. At least, to my knowledge they are." "Then who sent the letter?" "A friend of mine opened a salad bar there. It's done quite well so far. I believe he also has one here on Babylon 5." "Oh, you mean him. Didn't he visit a month or so ago?" Sheridan nodded and said, "Yes, and it seems that he's coming again soon." "Well, that's nice." Ivanova stood there for almost ten minutes before Sheridan realized that she hadn't left. "Do you want something?" Ivanova shook her head. "You never dismissed me." "Ahhh, okay. Well, while you're still here, go get me some more coffee." "Fine," replied Ivanova. After the commander had left, Sheridan recieved a communication. "Yes?" A strange voice answered the captain. "I'd like to share with you some information. Some information about what's happening in Down Below." "And that would be?" "The disappearances, you dolt!" yelled the voice in frustration. "Yes, I recall Garibaldi's report." "Good for you," the voice said sarcastically, "anyway, I'm the one who's responsible, and-" "Responsible for what?" "The disappearances!" "Oh, those." "Good God, what is your problem?!?" "Ummm, what's your problem?" "ARGHHH!" The communication ended, and Sheridan went back to watching TV.

Garibaldi had just returned to his station when he received the communication. "Who is this?" "Yeah, like I'm gonna tell you my name!" "Well then, what do you want?" "I'm the one who is responsible for the Down Below incidents. I feel the urge to drop vital, but difficult to understand, clues. I tried your captain, but he was a bit... dim." Garibaldi coughed. "Could you please get to the point?" "Listen, who's giving the clues here? Anyway, you've been close to catching me several times. Also, before I go, I must say this: cheese. Goodbye!" The communication was swiftly ended. "Hmmm, this is difficult to understand." A laugh sounded from outside the door. Getting up to investigate, Garibadi went to the door and opened it. "Ohh sh-," was all the person got out before he took off running. Garibaldi pulled his PPG and shouted a warning, but the person ducked into another corridor.

Returning the focus to our dynamic duo, we find Londo and Vir trailing Mr. Roberts to the place where his friend had lived. "This is it," said Roberts, extending an arm to indicate a rather shoddy hovel. Although it was shoddy, it was a mansion compared to most of the other dewllings the group had passed. "Quite a charming place, eh Vir?" "Y-yes, I especially like what he did with the... uhhh... drapes. Yes, very nice drapes." Roberts laughed as he pulled the make-shift door aside. "Heh, it may not look the part, but he claimed that they were once part of a robe made from a fine Brakiri cloth. How such a thing came to be in Down Below, I don't know, but he always insisted on it." Roberts ducked into the hovel and motioned for Londo and Vir to come in. Complying, the two set foot into the seemingly small structure. They were amazed to find that it had ample room, at least for four individuals to stand in. Numerous trinkets littered the room, and Londo eyed one in particular. "Your friend had good taste. I cannot recall the last time that I saw one of these," said Londo as he picked up the object. "Young Centauri were once presented with these medallions as part of an old rite of ascention. A reasonably valuable relic." Roberts sifted through a small pile of odds and ends, nodding in agreement. "He knew his relics. One of his future goals was to eventually work for IPX." Londo carefully placed the medallion back on the shelf where it had been found. He began to look for any clues that may help with the case when his eyes fell on a piece of torn cloth. Picking it up, Londo turned it over. A patch depicting the Psi Corps insignia was sewn on. "I believe that I have found our first clue!" He handed it to Roberts. "Psi Corps? What could they possibly have to do with this?" "The game is afoot," replied Londo. Cats, he thought, again with the cats!


"I have seen what power does, and I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other." --G'Kar "Epiphanies"

"Narns, Humans, Centauri... we all do what we do for the same reason: because it seems like a good idea at the time." - G'Kar, Mind War
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All I have to say is that was just frelling hilarious.

Sheridan: Are you trying to cheer me up?
Ivanova: No sir, wouldn't dream of it.
Sheridan: Good, I hate being cheered up. It's depressing.
Ivanova: So in that case we're all going to die horrible, painful, lingering deaths.
Sheridan: Thank you, I feel so much better now.
I'm glad you all liked it!

I plan on giving a few more of you guys special guest appearances in future parts of either this story, or the other Strange Tales of B5 that I'm currently (not, but I'll start soon! promise!) planning.

"I have seen what power does, and I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other." --G'Kar "Epiphanies"

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