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Strange - new UK show


I don't know if there are any UK posters who saw this tonight; but I was impressed.

I really enjoyed the pilot last year and was glad to see that we have at least six episodes (That's a whole season here folks).

What can I say, The story line had me going in completely the wrong direction right up until the point the deamon was revealed. It's got to be a good story for me not to figure it out. :eek:

Ian Richardson as Canon Black is suberb. I really want to know what his agenda is in all of this. :eek:

The look of the show had me freaked out a couple of times, right when the deamon struck. Behind the sofa time for me. :eek:

All in all, very good. Saturday nights are looking up. :D

WHo said the BBC can't do Sci-fi? They can certainly do cult.
I forgot about this sadly. I found the pilot acceptable, and would like to see more.