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I have been wondering about this for years, so I will finally be brave and admit my idiocy and ask my question:
Unless I'm insane, I think there was a really REALLY big composer of the name "Straczynksi". I know this must be really horrible for me to have to ask, since I've never seen it asked before. But: is there any relation?

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I don't know about that, but ... I'm a distant relative of the "Outlaw" Jesse James.

Therefore I RULE.

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Ah, Stravinksi. He was the one who wrote The Rite of Spring, isn't he? You know, the piece that caused a riot in Paris cuz it was so weird.

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I thought it caused a riot 'cause the dancer made an 'erotic gesture' onstage...
I guess that could have been considered weird back then... just imagine the audience's reaction to some of our modern (rock, etc) concerts then *weg*

Have you been taking a philosophy course for the martial-artistically challenged?
That and nobody really knew what to make of it. I saw parts of it on video in a music class in high school. It definitely was odd.

For I am Costanza, King of the Idiots!

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