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Stepford Wives Remake (2004)


Saw it this weekend.

Even Hardcore fans of the original should be able to enjoy this, even though they changed a few things, the spirit of the original is still there, some pretty good jokes, and some stuff was actually better than the original.

Bette Midler was a terrific Bobbi.

A welcome (IMHO) new twist at the end Some Hardcore fans may not appreciate it though.

Don't get caught up in trying to understand the technology, though, it doesn't make sense. Some things lead you to conclude one thing, while others lead you to conclude the opposite, so if you go into it, accepting that the technology doesn't add up, you should have a great time.

Bobbi and JoAnna have a gay friend in this one, and you get some pretty good giggles from the sterotype jokes.

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