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Steamboy (no spoilers -- yet)


(no spoilers -- yet. If you have spoilers, mark them.)

I saw "Steamboy" tonight with some core members of the university anime club. One of us enjoyed it a lot. The rest were less impressed.

No, the fact that the cinema played it dubbed instead of with the original Japenese voices was not our gripe. The plot is set in England, so it only makes sense that they talk in English. (For most shows, we detest and avoid the dubbed versions.)

The animation was good. No doubts there.

The bad thing about this was the plot. And maybe the characters too. The first 20 minutes were interesting. Then it went down hill from there. There's reversal, all right. But there's too little motivation, and too little logical sense.

Final verdict: Good for a few laughs. Should be avoided by anybody but the most obsessed anime fans. But it broke the budgets many times over. That made people come out to see "Titanic", so who knows, maybe this is a mega-hit. Bah.

There may be a TV series in the making. I hope it's better than this...

BTW: The Star Wars episode III trailer came on. I closed my eyes. Plenty of audio-spoilers though.
I got a preview DVD at my local suncoast. Looks promising. I hate when these things get big-name actors to voice them though. Kinda takes away from the movie itself, doesn't it?


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