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Start Wearing Purple


Not only were the ships awesome, but thot the clothing was great too!

Like when Cartagia retired to his throne and whisked the tails of his coat to the arm-rests. Londo really was stunning in purple. When Lennier arrived at the station, he looked as if he was wearing a bib, something of a foreshadow to his character at the time. By the end he looked much more imposing in the Ranger uniform.

I have a single issue of the B5 magazine. There is a two-page photo of G'Kar & Londo. The details! The hard leather armour with pyramid spikes and gemstones. Londo's purple coat with fine embroidery, buttons like beetles, and a translucent-green martini!

(And i have discovered that a bit of iced soy, or iced cream, a few drops of food colour, then any other liquids, chemically inoffensive or not, make for a great looking drink!)

But yeah, they did some good work at the sewing machine eh.

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