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Starship Trooper's depth


Starship Trooper\'s depth

Almost done with my Fascism course, and now thinking along the terms of a fascist dictator, I came across Starship Troopers on USA this weekend, and gasped.

Though I always knew it was a satire on war, I never saw the Nazism and Fascist tidbits plugged into film (and yes I have read the book by Hinlein).

So off I went to the Wiz, and picked up a copy of the special edition dvd.

And watching the new documentary after picking up many of the points I picked up on my own, I realized what a brilliant film it is. Not only fun, this movie makes a point.

1. Though the starship troopers are the good guys, their government is completely in control of their life (as shown with the governmental news channel).

2. Casper Van Dien is the model Nazi german as are his friends. Perfect aryian folks.

3. Rico's telepathic friend wears a gestapo like outfit, as do many other characters. Symbols are used prominantly.

4. The bugs are thought of as monsters even though their space was invaded.

5. Fascists governments need war to strive and a opponent to focus their army against--the bugs.

6. Openning and ending scene are taken streight from the Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will."

I find it funny that most people think of this movie as just a fun war movie, when in reality it mocks that type of film and mentality.

Can anyone tell me how the CGI show was? I saw that Verhoeven was exec producer, but I didn't even know it existed before I saw the trailer on the dvd.

I'm sure many of you already knew about this, but this is for you who just thought it was cool! Re-watch it again, and it'll take on a whole new meaning.

Re: Starship Trooper\'s depth

I'm certainly not going to disagree with you. When I saw this film in the theater, I summarized it, Variety style, as : Cute young Nazis squash giant bugs.
Re: Starship Trooper\'s depth

The best description for this movie came from a friend of mine. He said it was the adventures of Doogie Himmler, SS.
Re: Starship Trooper\'s depth

The thing is, that even though mr doogie wore gestapo like attire, your feelings were still mixed about him, which I thought was pretty interesting.