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Starship troopers 3


I adored the first but never saw 2, I heard it sucked horribly. From the trailer, this one looks wicked though, with the right tone of cheese, gore action and facist propaganda. CGI may be a bit off, but it probably had the same budget as about 20 minutes of the apprentice. And the vulcan bird from Enterprise is there, as well as the mega-jawed Casper Van Dien.
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Joelene Blaylock is the main reason why I am going to buy this one, in one of the scenes it looked liked they are going to have the personal battle suits that they had in the book.I find that interesting, This one might be entertaining. By the way Darth Have you seen the CG! series Roughnecks Starship Troopers the Complete Chronicles , 40 episodes and its actually pretty good.
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I keep wondering if maybe with these dvd movies they are building toward a Starship Troopers live action tv series perhaps? It's just a thought.
Third one basically looks the same as the first, at least from the trailer. Not sure more of the same is good in this case. I think they should have just made the one....
Third one basically looks the same as the first, at least from the trailer. Not sure more of the same is good in this case. I think they should have just made the one....

they are gonna have marauder suits in the third one how is that not good.
Like a few have said, I liked the first one. I didn't even care to see the second one because I thought it looked so awful. I might have to wait and see what you all say about the third one. Maybe then I'll end up watching both 2 and 3.
The first movie will always be sore subject with me, I have no use for Verhoeven and his interpretation of the book. Please I don't want get into shouting match on this one again alot of you like the movie fine, I hate it . the second movie did not overly impress me at all. But i will check out the third , hey Jolene Blaylock can make anything bad look good ! besides they got the personal battle suits, im curious on that one.
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I loved the first one, liked the second one in the sense that it was so awful that I found it funny. The third looks like it is returning more to the satirical tone of the first one, so I am looking forward to it.
I'm not a huge Jolene fan, I was, but then after going back and watching some Enterprise the other day I realized that she was a little too skinny for my liking. She's still good to look at, don't get me wrong, but I'm not as high on her as some others.
Starship Troopers was a great movie. Scifi action, blood, guts, gore & nudity... great movie. :p

It's one of my favorite scifi movies. I thought the second movie would be ok when I bought it... yes I bought it. I watched it that one time & haven't touched it since. The 3rd one looks cheesy but it should be a step up from the last one. The special effects look crappy but once again they're better then the last one. At least Casper Van Dean is in it as well.

"Kill 'em all!!!"
the first movie was a piece of crap, the second was an bigger piece of drek, I doubt the 3rd film will be a major improvement seeing it's the same guy that wrote the first two, but who knows, maybe in this case the third time is the charm, besides it's got Joelne Blaylock in in it nd they got the maurauder battle suites, two god reasons to see it, anyone know when it will be available on dvd ?
My opinions aside i would love to see them do a Starship troopers tv series live action, If they want to base certain thing off of the movies, the look of the films and some off the political satire commentary scarily enough I could live with it , if they brought more in line the way Heinlein wrote it.
Compared to the second movie the third one ruled but I still like the 1st the most. Jolene Blalock looked kinda weird wearing purple lipstick while walking through the desert.
Saw Starship troopers 3 and it was piece of sci fi drek. There was absolutely nothing even remotely redeeming about what so ever. of course can't blame Verhoeven for this tragedy.

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