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Stargate: SG-1 Season 8 Discussion Thread

Kasidy Yates, freighter captain, delivers a thread from ISN News

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to keep all the discussion concerning a particular show in one thread.

Vorlon (Admin)

SG-1 Season 8 Discussion Thread

Here's a thread for the discussion of Stargate S8. The series begins it's new season Friday night on the SFC in an explosive two hour episode.

07-08-2004 10:34 PM

keeper of the Dark

Ooooh, fresh thread.

Looking forward to it. Especially after the preview that played on Monday, which upped my hopes for this season and further shot down my hopes for Atlantis.


07-08-2004 10:45 PM

Senior Lurker

And so it begins....again (SPOILERS)

I don't know about anyone else, but we thought it rocked!!!

I am watching it again as I type. I am curious to see where these new roads lead.

If our asylumed boy can provide useful info, it could give some real insights into the System Lords. Yu's first prime again shows sense and honor, and I think he could form an alliance with the SGC after Yu finally succumbs, if not sooner.

The Daniel Jackson did not suffer the same fate as the O'Neill, at least not yet.

The Asgaard are safe for the time being, and can hopefully provide a more active presence in the season.

And Baal will be an interesting enemy. The negotiations were very interesting, and a nice setup to that storyline while the main story unfolded with the Replicators.

And the Replicators have been sufficiently wounded to have to retreat. This provides a way for them to pop in at any time to cause problems. But the Asgaard can defend themselves to an extent. It will be interesting to see how the bugs adapt.

Humor was injected at the right moments, and there were some lines I found funny that may not have been intended to be. Like when Sam told Fifth about compassion and he replied he wasn't there yet. I just found it funny the way it was delivered.

Teal'c and a shotgun just go together. FPS hunting replicators would be great.

We were both very happy with it, and really enjoyed it.

Maybe more later. It's good to have SG back.


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07-10-2004 12:36 AM

Kosh III
We Are All Kosh

I enjoyed nearly all of it. Great!

It was nice to see hunky Steve Bacic in a role which allowed him to act, as opposed to his mindless Nietzchean role as second fiddle to idiot Sorbo in Andromeda. I hope to see more of him.

I really enjoyed the banter between Dr. Jackson and the now departed dirctor. The bit about Yu's name was great.

I am glad RDA is a general now, but I liked the new woman director. Is she moving to Atlantis?

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07-12-2004 09:58 AM


She is moving to Atlantis.

"Tis not too late to seek a newer world"

07-12-2004 06:26 PM

Senior Lurker

New Order sets new records
Check out Gateworld! And I am sure SFC's website will be touting it if they haven't already.

New Order got a 2.4!!! Over 3.2 million viewers!!

Big congrats to the SG crew. And all those eyes to see the Farscape and BSG promos. Good news for those programs as well.


The truth IS...

OUT ... of fashion.

07-13-2004 12:58 AM

Joe Alias
Junior Lurker

I hope they can keep building on this momentum. The first two hours were fantastic.

But the talent and brain trust pools are going to be stretched pretty thin this year. It's no secret RDA isn't on set full time these days, so they chemistry on screen is going to change at least a little. They managed to live with it last year, but at times it was pretty noticeable. Now that O'Neill's behind a desk, they don't have to keep coming up with plausible reasons why Jack isn't in the scene (arm in a sling, watching over D. Jackson, etc.). That being said, he still won't be around full time.

Secondly, the brain trust is now running TWO hour-long, FX-laden shows. Can they cut themselves in half, and still maintain the same quality?

I sure hope so! SG-1 has become my favorite show, and if the first episode(s) coming out of the box is any indication, it will continue to be.

07-13-2004 09:09 AM

keeper of the Dark

Very good start (SPOILERS)

"New Order" is definitely a return to form. Best season premiere since "Small Victories" (which not so coincidentally involved replicators).

I hope the Goa'uld defector becomes somewhat of a semi-regular. My fear is that they'll bring him back for one episode where he wreaks havoc internally at the SGC and gets killed/escapes. They can do that (eventually), but they can draw out other stories from his character before that.

I'm in complete agreement with Joe Alias that putting Jack behind a desk will make his absence less noticeable - one of the worst things about season 7 was the weekly "Let's get O'Neill out of commission to work around RDA" vibe. They didn't get it right until near the end.

Dr. Weirr is much less irritating now. Maybe it was the original actress that bugged me and not the character itself.

I loved the way the Replicators turned tail and ran as soon as they saw what the wave beam weapon does. They'll probably figure out a way around it by modifying how each cell communicates with the others, though that will probably still leave old Replicators vunerable. Not to mention they practically control Thor's galaxy (and probably others given the 5th season premiere). Fifth makes a very creepy villain.

Only two things I didn't like about the episode. First, the "dream" sequence with Sam was too obvious - both to the character and the audience - and therefore was a waste of time. They could have significantly shortened that portion and put that time to better use (I would have liked to seen a bit more coverage of the treaty talks and of the defector). Second, the end "twist" was way too predictable. And I'm not sure what sort of stories they expect to get out of it. Does Replicator Carter really make the Replicator threat any more insidious?


07-13-2004 01:09 PM

Vorlon (Admin)

More good than bad
Well I sat back and watched you guys discuss before I threw in my hat this time. And I see that I am the odd man out of the ring.

I didn't mind this ep but it was far from being a great two hour event. I think that the show is evolving and that is a good thing. Great pains were taken to make Jack's and Sam's moves look natural. And it makes sense that both would be promoted at some point as they have saved the planet dozens of times. I also like the direction that it forces the writing team to go into now. We have all discussed the tendency of Jack to "Quip First and Shoot It Later". At times in S5 and S6 it got to be almost too comical that Jack seemed to fall into this two dimentional characature. Now the team has to adjust to a new dynamic, just like when Jonas joined the team, and that's refreshing to me.

I do not like the new Dr. Weir.. I like the character but I don't like the actress. The fact that she is moving on to Atlantis is a mark against it I am sad to say. But Atlantis will be diferent and it is possible that she was cast in that role for SGA vs. SG1.

The Fifth angle is creepy. Stalker creepy.. When Fifth found out that he could not keep Sam in a box .. he went out and made a Buffybot of her for his very own. Eeewww..
I agree with Ystros on the direction of that story as well. Is this going to be a DS9 Founders story where blood screenings need to happen or is this a Voyager thing where alternates of the crew upset the balance of the galaxy? Maybe it's none of the above and they will take it in a totally diferent direction. Either way we know the Bugs aren't completly gone. Three cheers for the scene at the Black Hole though.

I have a thought about our new resident System Lord. I think he is a spy for the others. Yes Bahl is kicking butt and we still have that bit where the SL are eating larva to survive, however, they have no other way to find out what Earth has or how Inubus was defeated. Leaving one behind is one of the only ways they can slip someone into the SGC undetected.. outside of a far side planet landing.

Chances are that the To'kra will have something to say about the balance of power and our new found status as a serious power. We better start getting a fleet of 303s together soon because Earth's space is going to get pretty crowded with on lookers.

One thing that struck me was the performances. All of the main cast came to play. It's nice to see a SF cast not at each others throats for a show that has been on as long as theirs. I am sure the SFC is now pressing for S9 and S10 even as we speak. In fact.. I would not be surprised to see SG1 drop to 13 or 15 episodes very soon after S8 due to cost, cast and scheduling. The mini series or the shortened run is becoming very popular thanks to HBO and Showtime. So I expect USA and SFC to follow as they tend to emulate the pay channels in their desires for programming.

And I see that little has been said on the net in general about Chia Te'Lc's hair. I don't mind it really. It's a lot better than the beard from a few seasons ago that's for sure.

07-13-2004 02:34 PM
Feel free to chime in, folks. Personally, I'm looking forward to watching this season. Wonder what's gonna happen with Sam's current boyfriend?
Whats with the hair? :p

Its going to be interesting, thats for sure. Jack has always been my favorite character, so taking him off the team is a risky move. And are they going to need a fourth SG-1 team member now?
They might, unless there having Jack still acompany the team...*shrugs

Will be interesting to see.

On another note, anyone else find the replicator sam thing creepy?
I thought I saw a flash of Jonas in a clip of upcoming episodes but it was barely a second so I could be wrong.

Taking O'Neill out is a risky move, he is also one of my favorite characters. But now we do get to see him in a new position and how he handles having to enforce the rules for a change.

I am upset that Jessica Stein wasnt back for the role of Dr. Weir. Truthfully seeing her at the end of last season made me want to view the new season even more.
I personally would want Jonas back. In season 6.. well.. I had to admit that I don't like Daniel too much. He's often annoying. Jonas was... better, in every way. There's my two cents.
I'd like to see Jonas come back, but I really don't know. I think Jack will go with sg1 occasionally, but not too often. Anyways, the season premier was really cool. :cool:
While Jonas might make a guest appearance at some point, he is not going to come back. SG-1 will remain a three member team, with O'Neill occasionally going with them. This will cause some friction early on as others are telling Jack to add a member to the team, but he always fights it. Eventually, they are to end up with the three of them.

The main reason for the O'Neill character change is because RDA wanted less screentime so he could spend time with his 5 yr. old daughter. It will be interesting to see what Jack goes through in his adjustment to become base commander and a general.

Personally, I loved the premier and look forward to the SGA premier this Friday.

As for why the actress who played Weir was different...Stein became a fulltime cast member on another show and could not return to play Weir fulltime on SG, since she will be in charge in SGA. So they recast her and put the new actress in the role from the start of the season...smart move.

I like the new Weir. She's got the slightest hint of that Irish brogue when her feathers get ruffled. And yet, her "outs" sound fairly Canadian. ;)

Teal'c with hair is gonna grow on me (no pun intended... eugghh that's creepy anyway). For all we know, it may not last, just like that caterpillar he had stuck to his chin at the beginning of season-whatever...

Lt. Col. Carter -- I like the sound of that. If RDA is really getting less screen time, that's gonna take some getting used to... but I can see a lot of characters making repeat appearances this year, especially with the new Replicators situation & whatnot.

As for Jonas coming back, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I didn't think I was gonna like him when they first introduced him, but I'm glad I was wrong. :) I don't see it happening, though... at least not as a fulltime member of SG-1 again.

I miss Nirti (sp?)... man, she was hot. :D
Teal'c with hair is gonna grow on me (no pun intended... eugghh that's creepy anyway). For all we know, it may not last, just like that caterpillar he had stuck to his chin at the beginning of season-whatever...

That would be beginning of season 4. Luckily that caterpillar made it off. It was annoying.
If RDA is really getting less screen time, that's gonna take some getting used to...

His screen time isn't supposed to be cut too much. Only his time on the set. I read about it at scifi.com, about when he is in Vancouver, he'll be working a lot in front of the camera. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :)
Spoiler for those who haven't seen the 2nd episode:



What's with the SG-Atlantis doctor (Carter?) so nonchalantly performing an experiment in genetic manipulation on the science officer (McCay)?
If RDA is really getting less screen time, that's gonna take some getting used to...

His screen time isn't supposed to be cut too much. Only his time on the set. I read about it at scifi.com, about when he is in Vancouver, he'll be working a lot in front of the camera. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :)

Elizar is right...though in S7 his screentime was cut badly. I knew they would find a way to work around it once they had some time to work on the problem.

As for ep.2 I loved it...thought the whole ep was great. I'm starting to like these characters. :D
Ok, first off an admission, I didn't notice the recasting of Dr. Weir. This despite having seen the S7 finale just 3-4 weeks ago. I did however like the character more in the new episode. I didn't give it much thought at the time but in retrospect the replacement is an improvement and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing SGA.

I thought S7 of Stargate was weak by their standards. Mostly due to the diminished presance of RDA (or more precisely how the DEALT with his absence). The key episodes (such as the finale and S8 premiere) however make up for it (enough at least to keep me watching).

I think putting Jack behind a desk is a smart move. Hammonds character never had much depth and was mostly there as a story device. This will let them do some 'base bound' B stories about Jack which should be both fun to watch and (and this is important) fairly cheap to produce.

I do think they should add a fourth member to SG1 though. Maybe not right away (and maybe trying out a few different ones before settling) . While they can have Jack go with them from time to time that is something they can not do all the time!

Other plot speculations.

The defector. Goa'uld think about their own survival and well being first and foremost. His actions where therefor very rational since by allying himself with the humans (now a powerful force) he can at least hope to survive to claim power later. I think that ultimately he will betray the SGC but not until a shift of powers amongst the system lords offers him a chance for real power. That's of course just an educated guess. It'll be very interesting to see how they play this.

Sam's replica. We've already seen peoples consciousness being transferred to new bodies in the series. Tha Asgaard to it instead of sex and it happened to SG1 in some S1 or S2 episode where robot duplicates where created of them. It is therefor not impossible to imagine that the replicator Sam has her memories and general personlity (just 'edit' by Fifth for his purposes). If that is the case the whole end teaser becomes even more potent.

In any case, I'm glad SG1 is back am looking forward to seeing the next episode. I just hope it and SGA will be able to maintain a standard closer to this years premier then to any of last years many 'filler' episodes.