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(stargate) Full Circle theory...


Beyond the rim
***Contains spoilers if you have not seen the SG1 season 6 finale***

Hey, just finished watching the season 6 finale, "Full Circle" for the 4th time.

In the end, when Skarra says "One named Oma did this." Oneil responds with, "All of you?" and Skarra nods.

when i first watched this, i thought he simply meant that she made an illusion of everyone, but on deeper thought, i beleive they meant that Oma helped all of them to ascend in the last seconds before everything in the area was wiped out.

Now, this could be seen as a completely wild and unsupportable theory, or i could have been blind to the fowardness of that the first 3 times through, but i believe it to be true, and would like the opinions of others here.
That's what I thought he meant the first time I watched it. Those that died in the firefight in the temple before the planet got blown up appeared also to have ascended.